Saturday, September 25, 2021

Meeting Disorder

Stephen Orange: Welcome to our monthly Team DJ (Daddy John) meeting.  
I'd like to thank you all for coming.

Stephen Orange: We have a full agenda today so I'd...
Pete Dakota: >Ahem<

Stephen Orange: Oh! Er, yes?  Chair recognizes Pete Dakota.

Pete Dakota: I was told there would be punch and pie?

Stephen Orange: Yes, refreshments are last; they'll come at the end of today's meeting.
Now then --

Nicholas Sahara: Refreshments?!  Oh, that's me then!
Yes, my turn and all that.  Shan't be a tick.

Stephen Orange: No, they --
Nicholas Sahara: There we are.  Couldn't budge over a bit, old man? Lovely.
These are called frose-dex-aullaires.  They're quite popular in my country.

Benjamin Roy: Froze-uh-dix-whatnow?
Scot-Michael: Frose-dex-aullaires.  Candy fruit slices.

Stephen Orange: I believe, as chairman, I have the floor! 
The agenda clearly states refreshments come at the end of today's meeting!
Nicholas Sahara: Right you are, old man.  You carry on while I just pass these out.
Stephen Orange: >Grrrrrrrrrrrrr<

Pete Dakota: Wow!  These are great!
Nicholas Sahara: Scrummy, aren't they?  They're a national treasure back home, they are.

BR, Scot-Michael, Pete, Nicholas: >munch, munch, snarf, munch...<
Stephen Orange>Sigh< Why do I even bother?