Sunday, October 24, 2021

Workbench and a Dad Joke

 A new workbench has found its way to Gregoropolis, thanks to the keen eye of Auntie Sue.  BR believes he has a new platform for motorcycle maintenance, while Tyler and Mikko are plotting its usefulness in all sort of shenanigans.              

Tyler: I have a tool that removes things clamped onto the workbench
Mikko: I've never heard of such a de-vice!

Sunday, October 17, 2021

You're It!


Robin: Hey, do you guys wanna play tag?
Barbara: Sure, but you have to play by our rules.
Robin: Your rules?
Beatrix: Don't worry.  They're not that much different.  You'll catch on fast.

Barbara: Rule number one is that you're 'it' first.
Robin: Hmmph!

Robin: Tag!  You're it!
Beatrix: Can't tag us here because it's gool.
Robin: You should have told me that ahead of time.
Barbara The rules don't require it.

Robin: Tag!
Barbara: Can't tag us here.
Robin: You can't have more than one gool!
Beatrix: We don't. This is where the 'cosmic rays' are.  
They protect us from getting tagged.
Robin: >mutter, grumble, mutter, grumble<

Robin: Tag!  Fair and square!  No gool, no cosmic rays!
Beatrix: You used the wrong hand.  You have to use your right hand if we're running north or south; left hand if we're running east or west.
Barbara: Unless it's a day beginning with the letter 'T'.

Robin: I quit.  I'm tired of this game.

Barbara: Well how do you like that?!?
Beatrix: Yeah!  He acts like it's our fault that we made up the rules!

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Hot Wheels Make Everything Better

 BR has been feeling down a bit lately; but things are looking up...

BR: >Sigh<
Stephen Orange: Hmmm?

BR: A new Hot Wheels car still on its card is like the dawn of a new day.

Stephen Orange: Very zen.  I thought Pete Dakota was the philosophizer.
BR: Oh, hush up, you.

Later, BR hears his best friend Pete Dakota call him to the kitchen...

BR: Hi Pete, what's going on?
Pete Dakota: Well, I know you've been feeling down lately, 
so I got you a little surprise to maybe cheer you up.

BR: Wow!  Is that a --

Pete: SSSHHH!  Don't say it too loud or Fr--

Frank: Hello!
Pete: --ank will hear you.  Too late.
Frank: Did I hear someone mention a chocolate egg?
Pete: I swear, he has the ears of a bat...

With promises of sharing a BIG piece of chocolate later, the boys oust their sweet-toothed brother.

BR: Thanks, Pete, but you know I'm not a big chocolate lover.
Pete: I know, but look inside.
BR: HEY!!!!

BR: There's a Hot Wheels hidden inside!

Pete: I know you love those cars.
BR: Hot Wheels are the best.  And so are Petes!

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Dressed To Play


Frederick: >Beep< >Zap< >Bzzt<  >Come in Mission Control<

Gino: Hey, Frederick, what are you up to?
Frederick: Playing space aliens.

Gino: Do you want to play dinosaurs?
Frederick: Sure!  But, uh, can you wait a minute?

Gino: ???

Frederick: >Mutter, mutter<  Now where can it be?  >grumble, grumble<

Frederick: A-ha!  Here it is!

Frederick: Ok, I'm ready to play!
Gino: Gee, you really do believe in dressing for the occasion!