Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Ode to Joy

Daddy Steve: I managed to find a summer outfit for Rhoda that she approved of...

Rhoda can be particular about her wardrobe.  You may recall she is not a big fan of dresses.

Rhoda: I like to put on my outfits one leg at a time.

Beyond this all-important consideration, she simply likes how it makes her feel.

Rhoda: It makes me happy!

Emile approves of it, also.  And as he (endlessly) likes to point out, the French know a thing or two about fashion.

Emile: Formidable, Mademoiselle!  Your lovely ensemble perfectly complements your joi de vivre!
Rhoda: Why, thank you, Strange Little French Boy...I think I know what you mean.

Rhoda: Yes! Joy to me!  Joy, joy to me!

And with that, this is post #200 of a blog that has given us, and hopefully our readers, great joy.  Here's to the next 200!

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Girl In The Garden 7

Even though each lasts only a day, Louisette thinks these colorful lilies cannot be ignored.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Gear and Groovy

Daddy Steve:  My grandmother was quite the seamstress.  She used to have multiple shoe boxes in her closet stuffed with sewing patterns-- Butterick, Simplicity, and McCall's.  I've always loved the illustrations on the pattern envelopes.  They are so evocative of their time. 

 A while back, I came upon this charming pattern illustration:

No doubt these patterns were inspired by the works of 1960s fashion designer Mary Quant.

Such a fun, youthful look; I thought it would be perfect for the girls.  So, I asked Ginny of A Passion For Sasha if she would replicate it, and, as always, she gamely accepted the challenge.  The girls are absolutely thrilled with the results.

Don't they look like models?  Alright girls, strike your best poses!




Of course, it does no good to be all dressed up with no place to go.  The girls figured there was only one logical solution - go shopping!  And what better shopping venue than 1960s London?

Looks like they found some groovy gear!

After all of that running around, the girls admitted to being a bit peckish.  Where exactly would fashionable young girls lunch in 1960s London?  Do our readers have any ideas?  Preferably someplace cheap & cheerful as they've spent most of their money already!

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Tales of the Festival (3) : The Clothes!

Daddy John & Daddy Steve: For our final report, what you've all been waiting for-- the outfits!

Steve commissioned a couple of outfits from Auntie Marti, and boy did she deliver! Meghan models the blue and Daphne shines in the green.

Meghan: We look fabulous
Daphne: We are fabulous.

BR has put on a t-shirt/overalls combo purchased from Auntie Sheila's sales table.  Perfect for working around the house; or his motorcycle!  Stephen Orange wears the Gregor-version of Friday night's souvenir outfit--a reptile-themed t-shirt and denim shorts.  The green hightops are part of the table hostess gift from Auntie Raquel.

Ann-Marie is wearing the Sasha-version of the souvenir outfit; same t-shirt but with a denim skirt and the sandals.  Wyatt is ready to give Steve Irwin a run for his money in Saturday night's complete 'Safari' souvenir outfit.  This outfit was a very big hit at the festival.

Finally, Nicholas Sahara is showing off the 'Koala' outfit Daddy John won at the CFA Auction.  It's called Koala as it came with a stuffed koala bear.  However, the shirt itself has an emu and boab tree pattern.  And Daddy John is embarrassed to say he's forgotten from whom he bought the sailor uniform Pete Dakota is dressed in; also whether it's a repro of an earlier festival souvenir outfit, or the actual outfit.  He does know the shoes are not part of the uniform; they are from Auntie Dawn from the gift exchange.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Tales of the Festival (2)

Daddy John: It's Saturday at the 2019 Sasha Festival in Cincinnati and you know what that means...

The sales room!

Our loot.  The kids are anxious to get it all home and try everything on!

Mikey is unsure of Daddy Steve's attempt at the hippo hat from the crafts session.  He much prefers Holly Belle's festival souvenir bonnet.

Daddy John: I had my eye on this leather jacket & shirt combo from the Helper's Raffle.  Alas, it was not my ticket drawn.

BR, Pete Dakota, and Holly Belle all dressed up in their finery for Saturday night's dinner.

Saturday was a busy day, so little Mikey conked out early.

Mikey: Night-night!

All too soon it was Sunday and time to say goodbye.  Most surprising news: the 2022 festival is scheduled for Portland, OR!  

We also heard about our 'sister festival' in England, the Sasha Celebration Weekend (SCW) held this past May.  A number of SCW attendees were also at Sasha Fest, so showed off their 'charity dolls.'

L to R: Ginger, Mary, Florence, Cathy, Beth, Lee, Tricia, and Brenda

Hugs, kisses, "See you next years", and time to part.  It was an extra-large Minnesota goodbye.

Holly Belle: Thank you, Aunt Heidi, for a wonderful time!

All packed up and lined up to head to the airport.

Pete Dakota: Oh, please, no turbulence this flight!

BR and Pete receive a jubilant welcome home from Nicholas and Stephen Orange.

Holly Belle (holding bonnet) shows off all the goodies from the Festival.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Tales of the Festival (1)

Daddy John: We're home and recovered (but not necessarily unpacked) from the 2019 Sasha Festival!  A fantastic time was had by all.  Here's our first report...

Daddy Steve brought Nathan and Holly Belle with him, while I brought Benjamin Roy and Pete Dakota.  Packing our suitcases the night before we left, however, we discovered...

Daddy Steve: Mikey!

Mikey promised several times over to be a good boy if allowed to come along. After much scolding and tears, Daddy Steve relented.  

The flight to Cincinnati was fraught with peril.  After finally taking off (2 hours late), we ran into quite a lot of turbulence.  This did not reinforce Pete Dakota overcoming his fear of flying...

Pete Dakota: Ooooooh, my tummy....
BR: You're okay,  you're okay.  Let's get some food in you.

Excitement built as we headed down to the Thursday night reception.  The boys goggled at everything and everybody while Holly Belle immediately made friends with Dr. Pat's girl and they chattered away as if they'd known each other for ages.

The evening event was Sasha's Animal Rescue.  Pete took one look and vowed he needed nothing else from the Festival if I let him adopt this adorable husky.

How could I say no to those big eyes?  Pete promptly christened her 'Denali.'

Friday's big adventure was a visit to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden.  Nathan, Holly Belle, and BR wanted to hit the pool, so just Mikey and Pete went along.  

Waiting patiently on the bus.

Lions, manatees, and birds, oh my!

Pete: Look, Daddy John, a tank unicorn!
Daddy John: That's a rhinoceros.
Pete: Tank. Unicorn.


Mikey found a nice shady spot for a rest.

While Pete beat the heat with some Dippin' Dots.

It was a very hot and humid day, but the zoo visit was great.  We definitely plan to visit again the next time we find ourselves in Cincinnati.  Back to the hotel to cool off and a little nap!

Friday night dinner...let's eat!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019