Saturday, June 24, 2023

Foosball Fun (Game On! Part 2)


BR: Yeah!  Let's go guys!
Scot-Michael: Not this time!

Scot-Michael: No, no, no, no...

BR: Ha-ha! YES!
Scot-Michael: Rats!

Nicholas Sahara: Hullo, Gents.  How goes the game?

BR: Well, Nick, let's go to the scoreboard and take a look.

BR: Ben's Bengals lead Scot's Sieves 6-0!

Nicholas: Oh dear.  I am sure that you've a grand strategy for your victorious comeback.
Scot-Michael: Yeah, my strategy is so secret even I don't know it.

BR: Sieve!  Sieve!  Sieve!
Nicholas: Really, Benjamin, this competitive side of you is unattractive.
BR: C'mon, you ready for the next point or are you going to chit-chat all day?
Scot-Michael: Awright, awright...give me just a second.  Hmph.

Nicholas: I say, it's too bad there isn't a real-life foosball.
Scot-Michael: You mean, like, soccer?
Nicholas: Oh, er, right.  Carry on...

Saturday, June 17, 2023

Game On!

 Daddy Steve: Rainy days are game days here at Gregoropolis...

Logan: Before we begin this operation, I need to see if the patient's insurance forms are in order.
And then there's the matter of the malpractice waivers.

Duncan: Oh dear...which one to pull out?  The stress!  The pressure!
Bowie: Come on, dude, it never collapses on the first try.

Duncan: Phooey and drat!
James: I guess some folks just aren't lucky.

Patrick: Let's see my dearest; angle, distance, trajectory...Hmm.
I think you need to move to the left 14 centimeters.
Ravi: You're so brilliant!
Valerie: Oh, just throw it already!

Nathan: Uno!
Holly Belle: Nathan, I think you're cheating somehow.
Nathan: Oh, please, Holly Belle.
Do you really think I could pull the wool over your eyes?
Holly Belle: Well...

Kevin: Okay Frank, you count to ten while we hide, then you come looking for us.
Frank: Got it!

Frank: One, two, three, four...>sniff, sniff<... did Uli bake a pie today?

Kevin: I'm surprised he hasn't found us yet.
Alice: I guess we picked a really good hiding place.

Frank: I have this nagging feeling that I forgot something.
Wait, of course!

Frank: The milk!

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Too Many Shoes?


Nathan: Hey Holly Belle, what did you get in the mail today?
Holly Belle: Two new pairs of shoes!  Aren't they lovely?

Nathan: What?!? More shoes? You girls don't need more shoes.  
You have too many already.  Isn't that right, Dan Ryan?
Dan Ryan: Well, uh, I, ah...

Holly Belle: Clearly you are very misinformed.  
Once can never have too many shoes.  Isn't that right, Meghan?
Meghan: You're absolutely correct, Holly Belle.  It's a demonstrable fact.
In fact, you can never have enough hats, gloves, and shoes.
Holly Belle: Well said.  You see?  Meghan agrees, so that proves it.

Nathan: The only thing that proves is that she is just as loony as you are!
Holly Belle: All right, then, just go ask the other girls if you don't believe us!
Meghan: Yeah, go ask the ones that you deem to be 'non-loony'!  Hmmpf.
Nathan: Okay, we'll do just that!
Dan Ryan: We will?

Dan Ryan: Hello Uli; how are you?
Uli: Busy.
Nathan: Well, can we ask you a quick question?
Uli: Ja.
Nathan: Is it possible to have too many shoes?
Uli: Nein.

Lara: Oh, no, you can never have too many shoes.
Nathan: Are you sure?
Lara: They're the only thing that got me through the revolution.
All that romantic poetry only goes so far, you know.
Dan Ryan: Huh?

Nanny Wendy: >Sigh< Shoes are life's little reward.

Daphne: Too many shoes? >Tee-hee!< Oh, sweetie, how you talk.

Nathan: Hmmpf!
Dan Ryan: Gosh, I must say I'm convinced.

Nathan: WHAT?!? Snap out of it!

Saturday, June 3, 2023

A Leg Up

Beatrix: >Ah< This certainly hits the spot!
Barbara: Rather!

Logan: There they are. Let's go ask them.
Frederick: Are you sure we should? It might seem a bit impertinent.
Logan: You've always wondered about it.  The only way to find out is to ask!

Barbara: What's up, boys?
Logan: Could we ask you a question?
Beatrix: Sure! Ask away...

Logan: Go ahead, Frederick.  Ask them.
Frederick: Me?!?
Barbara: Would you like a glass of lemonade first to loosen you up?

Frederick: Ahem, well, ah, we couldn't help noticing that 
you Gotz girls all have one leg that's longer than the other.
Beatrix: Everyone does, you know.

Logan: Yeah, but all you girls have one leg that's waaaaay longer than the other.
Frederick: > Ok, you didn't need to emphasize it like that! <

Barbara: No offense taken, dearie.  There's actually a very logical explanation!
Beatrix: Yes, you see our ancestors are from Switzerland, land of the Alps.
By having one longer leg, we're able to stand on the side of a mountain without falling over.

Frederick: You don't say?!?
Logan: Wow.  That's...that's actually pretty brilliant.

Barbara: Yes, it is, isn't it?
Beatrix: We don't like to boast, but we do consider ourselves to be rather highly evolved.

Barbara: Join us for some lemonade, and we'll lay some more amazing facts on you!