Saturday, October 31, 2020

The New Halloween

 Halloween, the old way...

Step 1: Buy Candy

Anthony: This is to pass out, not to eat.
Mikko & Tyler: Aw, man!

Step 2: Get costumes ready

Ann Marie: I was a witch last year.
Meghan: Maybe we can turn it into a clown's hat?

Step 3: Pass out candy to trick-or-treaters

Anthony: Now, don't eat any.
Frank: Who, me?

Step 4: Go trick-or-treating and collect our own candy.

Benjamin Roy: Say 'Trick or Treat,' Pete Dakota.
Pete Dakota: Trick or treat Pete Dakota!

Step 5: Eat the candy (and whatever wasn't passed out)

Meghan: You guys are going to get tummy aches.
Rhoda: Are you kidding? We're starving!
James: Yeah, we had to walk miles and miles for this candy!

Halloween, the new way...

Step 1: Buy candy

Anthony: You can't have any until Halloween night.
Pete & Wyatt: Aw, man!

Step 2: Eat candy.

Oliver: What was the point of all those extra steps anyway?
Frank: Beats me!


Saturday, October 24, 2020

A Special Kind Of Love


Holly Belle: Oh, there you are Nathan.  Did you hang up that picture liked I asked?
Dan Ryan: Pardon me, ma'am, but I don't have a clue what you're talking about.
Holly Belle: Why are you calling me "ma'am"? Why do you look different?
Dan Ryan: Because I am different!

Holly Belle: Eeek!  There are two of you!
Nathan: I respectfully disagree.  There's only one of me.  What about you?
Dan Ryan: I'm pretty sure I'm the only me around here.

Nathan Allow me to introduce Dan Ryan, my nearly identical cousin from Chicago.
Dan Ryan: Pleased to make your acquaintance, ma'am. Nathan's told me so much about you.
Holly Belle: Please stop calling me "ma'am."  
And that's ridiculous; there is no such thing as identical cousins
Nathan: That's why we're nearly identical.

Holly Belle: Hmm.  And what exactly has Nathan told you about me?
Dan Ryan: Oh, only good things, ma'am.  He says that you're actually quite lucid when you 
manage to stay calm.
Holly Belle: >Sigh<  As if one you wasn't bad enough!  Two of you will be the death of me.
Ugh.  I need to lay down.

Nathan: Hee-hee!  We really had her going!  >Fist bump!<
Dan Ryan: We sure did.  Although, I'm curious.  I thought you were kind of sweet on her; why are we trying to drive her batty?

Nathan: Actually, driving someone batty can be a special kind of love.
Dan Ryan:  Hmmm, okaaaayyy....

Saturday, October 17, 2020

A Piece of the Pie

Gino: Angelo, come see the cherry pie I baked this morning.
Angelo: Bravo! It looks deliziosa! 
Gino: Pizza is not the only kind of pie I excel at.

Angelo: Are you ready to go on our walk?
Gino: Yes, but first I must a cut a slice of pie for Frank.  I promised him he could have some, but when Frank helps himself he gets a little carried away, capisce?
Angelo: Sì! That boy has the appetite of il mostro.

Gino:  Franco, there's a piece of cherry pie for you on the kitchen table.
Frank: Oh boy!  Pie! Mmmmm, yummy!


Gino: Well, that was a very pleasant stroll.  Shall we have some pie now?
Angelo: Grande idea!

Gino and Angelo:  >Gasp!<

Gino: FRANK!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Doctor Who and The Backyard of Doom

 Daddy John: Doctor Who is very popular in Gregoropolis, so to stave off some lockdown boredom my boys decided to have a Doctor Who day! They raided the clothes trunks (and took advantage of some recent prizes from Auntie Diane Duke) and went out to cosplay in the backyard.

Pete Dakota dressed up as Jamie McCrimmon, companion to the 2nd Doctor (I think he just wanted an excuse to wear his kilt...).

Jamie/Pete: Creag an tuire!

Nicholas Sahara picked the 4th Doctor and Stephen Orange is Turlough, companion to the 5th Doctor.

4th Doctor/Nicholas: Would you care for a jelly baby?
Turlough/Stephen: They made me be Turlough because we both have red hair. >Sigh<

Scout chose to be the 7th Doctor, while BR is the 9th.

7th Doctor/Scout: Somewhere, there's danger; somewhere, there's injustice; and 
somewhere else, the tea's getting cold!
9th Doctor/BR: Fantastic!

Team TARDIS ready for adventure!

What strange planet has the TARDIS landed on?

7th Doctor: Everyone remember where we parked.

Jamie and the 4th Doctor meet a ferocious Yeti!

4th Doctor: Do you think he'd like a jelly baby?
Jamie: Run, Doctor, run!

Turlough is menaced by the carnivorous Krynoid plant!

Turlough: Help!  It's going to eat me!
9th Doctor: Hang on, I'll get you out of there!

Oh, no!  What's that?!  It's...a Dalek!

Dalek: You will be exterminated!

7th Doctor: Never fear, my trusty umbrella will protect us!
Jamie: Run, Doctors, run!

Like all good backyard shenanigans, the story soon degenerated into the boys just running around, throwing leaves at each other, playing hide and seek, and just yelling their heads off...well, most of them anyway...

The Boys: Whoo!
Stephen Orange:  >Sigh< I could be inside, working on my paper. 

Elated and exhausted, the boys came inside.  A successful afternoon adventure!

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Ice Cream, We Bid You Farewell


Wyatt: It's sad that ice cream season is almost over.
James: You can eat ice cream all year round.
Wyatt: Yeah, but it's not quite the same in the winter.  It's like white wine that's room temperature, or red wine that's chilled.

James: What do you know about wine?
Wyatt: Only what Daddy Steve says.
James: Well, when I see Daddy Steve on wine night, he looks too blissed-out to know 
what temperature the wine is.

Wyatt: We better grab a sponge and some paper towels.
James: Why?
Wyatt: Because Duncan is in the living room with his ice cream and any minute now it's going to fall out of the cone and land on the floor.

Duncan, from the other room: Rats!
Wyatt: See?

James: He seems to have a talent for that.
Duncan, from the other room: Why does cruel misfortune follow me around?
Wyatt: That, and pessimism!

Uli: Did I just hear someone make a mess?