Saturday, December 30, 2023

Advent In Review

 A few of the boys are taking a last look at this year's advent calendar before it's taken down and put away...

Nicholas Sahara: I say, wasn't it rather a jolly good time?
Scot-Michael: Sure was!

Philip Guy: I think I liked this one better than last year's.
Kirwan Mahoney: I wonder what we'll have next year?
Philip: Oh, it's waaaay too early to think about that.

Nicholas: Why would someone move the mantle-thing to the pond?
Kirwan: Oh! It's a hockey goal!  That makes much more sense.
And the skater has a Lego Stanley cup!

Scot-Michael: Santa and Mrs. Claus look like hip, trendy grandparents.

Philip: I see Batman is still watching over the city.

Nicholas: 'Pon my soul, we never did solve that prankster conundrum, did we?
Adding the Bat-Chap and hiding Susanna's Barbie doll in the calendar.
Scot-Michael: And replacing my shampoo with figgy pudding!

Philip: No, we didn't solve that one, did we, hmmmmm?
Kirwan: I guess it will remain a mystery.  >Snort<

Another advent adventure come and gone;
leaving Team Gregoropolis a riddle for 2024.

Kirwan: >Hee-hee!<


Sunday, December 24, 2023

Advent 2023: Day 24: Nanny Wendy, Baby Conor, and Toddlers Mikey and Albert


Nanny WendyWe'll open the Advent calendar, then baths and bed!
Santa comes tonight, so everybody needs to be in bed for their long winter's naps.

Albert: Will Steeben read us bedtime story?
Nanny Wendy: Yes, dear, he certainly will.
Mikey: Steeben do the voices?
Nanny Wendy: Big brother Stephen Orange loves to do those voices for you!

Nanny Wendy: You can open the door, Albert.
Albert: Yay!

Nanny Wendy: What do you think the toy is this year, boys?
Mikey: Santa!
Albert: Santa!
Conor: Deez!
Nanny Wendy: >Giggle< I don't think it's cheese Conor.
Conor: Bah!

Mikey and Albert: Santa!
Conor: Deez?
Nanny Wendy: I'm sorry, sweetie.  It's Santa.
Conor: Sa-na.


Saturday, December 23, 2023

Advent 2023: Day 23: Sylvia and Carolyn


Carolyn: Oh my gosh, the month has gone by so fast!
Sylvia: I know, just where has the time gone?

Sylvia: And can you believe Santa comes tomorrow night!

Carolyn: Shall we see what we have for an Advent prize today?

Sylvia: Looks like you picked a good one.
Carolyn: I hope it's easy to put together.

Sylvia: >Sigh<
Carolyn: What was that for?
Sylvia: I almost don't want to put it together.
I wish the anticipation could last a little longer.
Carolyn: I understand.  But let's enjoy 
the time we have right now.

Sylvia: Quite right.  What do we have here?
Carolyn: I think it's a trailer for Santa's sleigh.

Sylvia: Right again!  You're sensible, Carolyn.
Carolyn: C'mon, let's go see what Uli's got in the oven.
Something smells so wonderful.
Sylvia: Another sensible idea!

Friday, December 22, 2023

Advent 2023: Giant-Size Day 22: Scot-Michael and Nicholas Sahara


Nicholas Sahara: Well hello there, my Christmas cracker!
Scot-Michael: Hello to you, my Christmas elf.
Nicholas: My stars, have there been Christmas shenanigans going on.
Scot-Michael: I know!  I found figgy pudding in my shampoo bottle this morning.

Nicholas: My word!  Well, don't let's give it another thought.
Time to open our prize door.
Scot-Michael: You're up, Elf.

Nicholas: Here we ar--oh.
Scot-Michael: What's wrong?

Nicholas: The pieces don't seem to match the 
diagram on the calendar door.
Scot-Michael: Let's put it together and see what we've got.

Nicholas: Now, who's this pointy-eared chap?
Scot-Michael: It looks like a snow suit?
Nicholas: So it is!

Scot-Michael: Er, Snow-Batman?  Bat-SnowMan?

Nicholas: I say, the Prankster has struck again, he has!
Scot-Michael: I think so.  This calendar isn't Lego Gotham City!

Scot-Michael: I'll take another look.  A-ha!

Nicholas: Oh, my giddy aunt! Another prize!

Scot-Michael: Someone snuck in an additional Lego figure behind the door.
This is the real prize for today.

Nicholas: It looks like Santa's sleigh.
Scot-Michael: Well, it sure isn't Batman's.

Nicholas: Let's hook the dear reindeer up to it so Santa 
can get around on Christmas Eve.

Scot-Michael: And Bats can watch from the top of the city; 
making sure no Grinch is trying to steal the Christmas tree.

Nicholas: Ever so delightful.  But ever so odd.
Scot-Michael: You said it, Elf.  First Barbie, now Batman.
Nicholas: I wonder who the devious prankster can be?

Thursday, December 21, 2023

Advent 2023: Day 21: Paul David and Ginger

Paul David: Well, here we are; two new kids and the Advent Calendar.
Ginger: I know!  I'm a bit worried--we have a huge legacy to live up to.

Paul David: I was talking to Daphne earlier;  she said
the prize for her day was the hardest she ever had to put together.
Ginger: >Gulp< Maybe that means ours will be easy?

Paul David: Keep your fingers crossed.  Here we go.

Ginger: It doesn't look like there are too many pieces.

Paul David: Hey!  You were right!  Easy!
Ginger: It's Mrs. Claus on a snowboard!

Paul David: There you go, Nana Kringle, right in the thick of things.
Ginger: I want to learn to snowboard now!

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Advent 2023: Day 20: Uli and Farrah


Uli: >Uuuf< Finally, last pie.

Farrah: Uli, you've planned such a huge dinner and made so many cookies, 
cakes, and pies for the holidays.  You must take a break, sweetie!

Farrah: Come and open the Advent calendar with me today.
Uli: Perhaps you are right. Vat day is?

Farrah: It's the 20th.  We're less than a week from Santa's visit!
Uli: Ach! I must make donuts to leave for Santa 
or Krampus vill visit!
Farrah: No, Uli! Calendar now.  Donuts later.
Uli: Okay.

Farrah: There's the door, right near the bottom.

Uli: To put together ve must follow recipe.
Farrah: I think you mean the instructions, sweetie.

Farrah: Well, isn't that a coincidence!
Cookies for Santa and a little dog and his food dish.
Uli: Nein! No dogs in kitchen!

Farrah: Ready and waiting for Santa.
What do you think, Uli?  Uli?  Now where has she gone?

Uli: Zzzzz..time to make ze donutssssszzzzzzz.....>snore<