Saturday, May 27, 2023

Meeting the New Boy VI (or, Meet The Pranksters)

 Something's up (up, up, and away)!

Sasha: >Ahem<

Kirwan Mahoney: Huh, what? Oh, hello.
Sasha: A-ha!  So you're the one.
Kirwan: >Eeep<

Sasha: My name is Sasha.  And you are...?

Kirwan: My name is Kirwan Mahoney.  I'm new!
And yes, I'm the one who's been pranking everyone.

Sasha: Don't worry, I won't tell.
Nice to meet you.
Kirwan: Thanks, that's decent of you.
Nice to meet you, too.

Sasha: If you don't mind me saying, your dress sense is impeccable.
Kirwan: Thank you!  I like your style as well.

Sasha: Well, I won't keep you. 
Are you going to take those googly eyes down?
Kirwan: Mmm, I don't think so.
Sasha: Fair enough.
Kirwan: See you around the house.

Kirwan: Well, Philip, I've been rumbled.
Philip: You had a good run while it lasted.  
Kirwan: Thanks for being my wingman.  Helped throw the scent off.
Philip: >Hee-hee<  You're welcome!  It was fun being part of it.
C'mon, I'll introduce you to our brothers.

The Magnificent 7 has become the Electric 8!
Welcome Kirwan Mahoney!

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Living Room and Kitchen (Pranks #3 and #4)

Holly Belle: So then I told her she had another think coming if 
she was going to keep on with that nonsense.
Meghan: Mercy!

Holly Belle: Oh! There's the kettle.  Time for tea!
Meghan: Delightful!

Holly Belle: Now, that's nice, isn't it?
Meghan: Civilized! you ever get the feeling of being watched?

Holly Belle: >Shriek!<
Meghan: What is it, dear?!

Holly Belle: The...the pictures!
Meghan: What...? Nicholas Cage and...googly eyes?!

Holly Belle: Vandals!
Meghan: Hoodlums!

Meanwhile, in the kitchen...

Baby Conor: Ice Keem?
Uli: Ja, you haff been good, so I get you ice cream.

Uli >Although why das Kind must play in die kitchen I do not know<

Uli: Was ist das...?

Uli: Ping pong balls?!
Baby Conor: Bah?  Yeee!

Later, after much ball wrangling...

Philip: Looks like the mad prankster has struck again.
Uli: ...Ach...die ping pongs....die ping pongs...

What's that noise coming from behind the couch in the living room?

?: Heeeee-heeeeeee!!


Saturday, May 13, 2023

Laptop (Prank #2)


Stephen Orange: Oh, for--now what?!

Philip: What's the matter?
Stephen Orange: The laptop's mouse isn't working!
I just changed the batteries in it yesterday; it should be fine!

Philip: Hmmmm...I bet I know.  Turn the mouse over.
Stephen Orange: What? Why?
Philip: >Sigh<  Just flip it over.

Stephen Orange: What the heck?!
Philip: There you go.  Someone taped a funny face over 
the mouse's sensor.  That's why the cursor wouldn't move.
Stephen Orange: Grrrrrrr...

Stephen Orange: I haven't got time for this nonsense!
I must finish the edits on my article!
I just don't have the time or patience for this.

?: Hee-hee!


Saturday, May 6, 2023

Workshop (Prank #1)


Noah Conrad: Now where did I put those blueprints?
A-ha!  There they are.

Noah: ....?


Noah: I....huh.

Noah: That's funny, I could have sworn...oh, well.


Noah: Now just a minute!

Noah: What is going on here!?!


Noah: Arrrrgggghhhhhh!!!

Philip: What's all the grumbling about?  We can hear you all the way upstairs.
Noah: Someone has been moving my tools around!  It took me ALL WEEK to notice.
They've been moving them around just a little bit enough every day 
that it's not immediately noticeable.  It's driving me crazy!


?: Heee-heee-heee!

Who is that?