Saturday, December 24, 2022

Advent 2022: Day 24: Nanny Wendy, Mikey, and Conor

Nanny Wendy: Be careful, little man!  Uli will be cross if you
spill the basket all over her clean floor.
Conor: Bah!

Nanny Wendy: Time to open the final door on the Advent calendar!
This means it's the last day before Christmas!

Nanny Wendy: Mikey, you do the honors.
Mikey: Yay!  

Mikey: It's Santa!  Santa, Nanny Wendy!
Nanny Wendy: Well, imagine that!

Conor: Snanta Cluss?
Mikey: Why does he have a carrot?
Conor: Carrits.  Snanta Carrits.

Nanny Wendy: I bet it's a present for Snowflake the pony.
He must have been a very good pony all year long.
Mikey: Here you go, pony.  Yummy carrot from Santa!

Nanny Wendy: As for Santa, let's have him parade 
through town on his Zamboni.
Conor: Snanta Zimbonny.

from all of us at GREGOROPOLIS!

Friday, December 23, 2022

Advent 2022: Day 23: Sally and Sylvia

Sylvia: Go ahead and open our door, Sally.  

Sally: I wonder what our groovy prize will be?

Sylvia: Huh...not sure what this is.

Sally: Me either.  Maybe we'll have a better idea once we put it together.

Sylvia: Some sort of steam snow shovel...uh, thing?

Sylvia: Steam shovel...I know, let's call her Mary Anne!
Sally: Oooh, I dig.  That's outtasight!

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Advent 2022: Day 22: Lara and Meredith

Lara: The Advent calendar is sure getting full of things for the holiday scene!
Meredith: I wonder what more could even be added to it?

Lara: I guess we're about to find out!

Meredith: Can you reach it?
Lara: Ooof, good thing we do all that yoga for stretching.
I wonder if there's a 'reindeer pose'?

Meredith: Not a reindeer, but a cute little horse!

Meredith: And it comes with a feeder stand.
Lara: Wouldn't want him to go hungry!

Lara: The barn is the best place for him.
Meredith: He can keep the chicken company.

Lara: Happy Christmas, Snowflake!
Meredith: That's the perfect name for him.

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Advent 2022: Day 21: Colin and Allen

Allen: After we open today's Advent prize, we're one more day closer to Christmas.
Colin: Well, Allen, that's simple Claus and effect!
Allen: Nice.

Allen: There's our door, number 21!

Allen: Shall we?
Colin: There's snow time like the present!

Colin: If I stand up on my mistle-toes, I can just reach it.

Allen: It's a lamppost with some holly & ivy decoration!

Colin: We'll put it next to the Christmas 'copter so they can see to make night landings.

Colin: I'm beginning to wonder about this Saint Nicholas person.
I think our presents really come from Daddies Steve and John.
Allen: You're just a rebel without a Claus.
Colin: Nice.

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Advent 2022: Day 20: Daphne and Tina Louise

Tina Louise: How lovely!  We coordinate!
Daphne: I can see who reads the memos around here.

Daphne: Day 20 already!  The month is going by so quickly!
Santa will be here before we know it.

Tina Louise: Don't remind me.  I'm still writing Christmas cards.

Daphne: Hmmm, I'm not sure what that all those pieces are supposed to be.

Tina Louise: We'll just follow the directions, Dear, 
and like our outfits, they will all come together.
Daphne: I like the way you think.

Daphne: What do you think; marshmallows for toasting?
Tina Louise: No, I think tiki torches.

Daphne: Tiki torches?  Are you sure?
Tina Louise: I've spent enough time on tropical islands.
Definitely tiki torches.

Monday, December 19, 2022

Advent 2022: Day 19: Natalie and Jennifer

Jennifer: Let's open our calendar door and see what the prize is!

Natalie: I understand that the prizes are little toys, not chocolate.
If they're not chocolate, what's the point?
Jennifer: You're starting to sound like Frank.
Natalie: Hey, sometimes Frank knows what's what.
Jennifer: >snort<

Natalie: Nope, no chocolate.

Jennifer: He's called 'Mr. Produce.'
Natalie:  You mean like fruits and vegetables?  Ugh, even worse.

Jennifer: We'll place him next to the hot chocolate urn and cookie stand.
It's like a little Christmas market!

Natalie: I will admit it's a very nice little scene.
Even if there's a chocolate shortage.
Jennifer: >snort<

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Advent 2022: Day 18: BR and Pete Dakota

Nicholas Sahara: Well, hello Noah.  What's the matter old chap?
Noah Conrad: Right.  Why's that kid MississiPete hiding behind the living room couch?

Nicholas: 'Mississi--'?
BR: Hiding?
Nicholas and BR: Oh dear...

BR: You explain.  I'll go get him.
It's our turn for the Advent calendar anyway.

Nicholas: Oh, my sainted aunt.  Well, you see, dear Peter Dakota (as I think you meant)
believes that a Christmas Elf haunts the house and is out to "get" him, so he generally 
ensconces himself somewhere secretive during the season.
Noah: Right.

Pete Dakota: ...and now the elf can change shape and size!
BR: I can see how scary that would be.

Pete: Never mind.  Let's just open the calendar.
BR: Good idea.  There's number 18 up top.

Pete: There are two prizes!  They look like a rocking horse and a space rocket.

BR: I guess you could say that door...rocked!  Get it?
Pete: >Groan< That's something Auntie Marti would say.

BR: We should put them in the house, next to the Christmas tree.

Pete: Nobody believes me about the Christmas elf, do they?
BR: You are my best friend.  If you believe it, I believe it.
Pete: Thank you.
BR: C'mon, let's go see if Uli has any fresh cookies made.

>Rustling noises<