Saturday, December 25, 2021

Advent 2021: Christmas Day

 Serena, Louisette, Kurt, and Nicholas Sahara are admiring the calendar and are playing the 'Journey to Hogwarts' game that was a bonus to the calendar.

Louisette: Poor 'Arry, 'e is still at ze fireplace.

Serena: While Hermione is making tracks and catching up to Draco!

Kurt: It is your turn, Nicholas.
Nicholas: So it is!  I'll have a go, then, shall I?

We hope Santa was good to you!  🎅🎄

Friday, December 24, 2021

Advent 2021, Day 24: Nanny Wendy, Baby Connor, & Mikey

The kids have enjoyed this year's Lego Advent calendar, but now it's time for the last door.  One more day until Christmas!

Nanny Wendy: Okay, Mikey, can you find the door for today?
Mikey: I can do it my-self.

Mikey: I finded it!  Now we snap it?
Nanny Wendy: That's right, good job!  Some of those blocks are 
pretty small, why don't you let me help you?
Mikey: Okay.

Connor: Dees?

Nanny Wendy: No, sweetie, that's not cheese.
That's part of the puzzle.  Don't eat it!

Nanny Wendy: There we go.  Thank you for your help, boys!
Mikey: I helped!
Connor: Dees!

Nanny Wendy: It's a top!  We spin it as part of the calendar's game.
Mikey: Spin it! Spin it!
Connor: Pinnit! Pinnit!

Nanny Wendy: We'll put it down on the calendar mat
so that the others can use it to play the game.
Mikey & Connor: Yay!
Nanny Wendy: Baths for both of you tonight, then early to bed!
Santa comes tonight, so we'll put out some cookies and milk for him.
Connor: Dees!
Nanny Wendy: >Ha-ha< And some cheese, too!


Thursday, December 23, 2021

Advent 2021, Day 23: Gavin & Harriet


Gavin: I don't know if you've noticed, but I happen to have green eyes,
unruly hair, and a mark on my forehead!  Remind you of anyone?

Harriet: Are you saying you should have been named Harry?
Gavin: No, I'm saying he should have been named Gavin Potter!

Harriet: >Snort< Right.  I'll just open today's door, shall I?

Gavin: Holy Comet and Cupid, what is that?!
It looks like a green Dalek.

Harriet: Different franchise, dear.  Let's get started...

Harriet: It's a Christmas tree!  How lovely!
Gavin: Pfft.  A Dalek would've been pretty cool. 
Harriet: A Dalek's not very Christmassy...

Gavin: I dunno...'Gavin Potter and the Daleks from Planet Noël
has a nice ring to it.

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Advent 2021, Day 22: Katie & Sasha


Katie: Christmas is such an exciting time!  Remember way back when we
lived at the toy department at Dayton's?
Sasha: Oh yes; that was such a busy time.  So many shoppers bringing
home toys to girls and boys.

Katie: And the animated holiday shows?  One year it was 
'Santa's Workshop' and another was the 'Dickens Village.'
Sasha: Actually, I never saw any of them.  Being so short, I was scared I'd
get trampled.  But everyone sure talked about them!
Katie: >Sigh< Now the store is gone, and people don't go downtown
to shop anymore.  Oh well.  On that bittersweet note, let's open today's door.

Katie: Day 22 coming right up!  Wonder what the prize will be?

Sasha: I know who it is!

Katie: Bad boy Draco Malfoy!

Sasha: You know, not all blond kids are evil...
Katie: I do know!  We've been angels all year.  Santa is sure to be good to us.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Advent 2021, Day 21: Meghan, Daisy, & Bowie


Meghan: Darn, I was hoping we would pick Hermione
Daisy: I think she's a real role model for girls everywhere.
Meghan: They really should have been called the Hermione Granger books.
She was a lot smarter than either Harry or Ron.
Daisy: Amen, sister.

Bowie: I thought we were going to open today's window, 
not go off on a feminist rant.
Meghan: Hmph. Just pointing out some facts.

Daisy: Go on, then.
Bowie: Ok, I will.  Here it is.

Bowie: I wonder what all this mess is?

 Meghan: Despite the number of pieces, this looks easy!
Bowie: Go on, then.
Daisy: Ok, we will!

Daisy: There we are!  
Meghan: A dining table from Hogwarts's great hall.
Bowie: Hmmm...

Bowie: If you like a dinner of pumpkin, a baguette, and cherries.

Monday, December 20, 2021

Advent 2021, Día 20: Marco y Miguel

Miguel: ¡Hola amigo!  Are you ready to find today's sorpresa?
Marco: ¡Hola! ¡Sí, vámamos!

Marco: Hmmm...¿Dónde está?

Marco: ¡Buena suerte!  Here it is, en el fondo del calendario.

Miguel: ¡Bravo!  Es la señorita Hermione.

Miguel: ¡Ja, ja! The girls will be disappointed they didn't
get to find this one.
Marco: Qué será, qué será.

Miguel: Here she is, la bonita pequeña bruja.

Marco: ¡Los tres amigos!

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Advent 2021, Day 19: Kevin & Anika


Kevin: >Sigh< We really should have been the ones to find 
that particular prize.  Just sayin'.

Anika: Yes, we really should have.
Yet another cross our lot has had to bear.

Kevin: That being said, this is a rather nice 
Advent calendar.
Anika: And I am admittedly kind of excited about what
prize today's door will reveal.

Kevin: Something connected to Platform 9¾?

Anika: Wow, that's a lot of pieces!

Anika: You were right--it's a signpost for the platform.

Kevin: We'll put our hero next to the signpost.
And Harry, too, I guess.

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Advent 2021, Day 18: Ezra & Alice

Alice: Oh, goodness me.  You're sure it's okay for us to open today's door?
Ezra: Why not?  Like they say: It's better to beg forgiveness than ask permission.

Alice: Oh, ah, I'll have to think about that...
Ezra: Well while you're thinking, give that door a tug, will ya?

Ezra: Oho!  We've got another member of Team Potter!

Alice: It's Ron Weasley!  And another chocolate frog!

Ezra: Hah!  The ginger kids will be soooo jealous that we picked Ron.
Alice: Oh dear...I hope they won't be upset.

Ezra: Pffft...all's fair in love, war, and Advent calendars.