Sunday, December 27, 2020

Advent Epilogue

 Pete Dakota and Benjamin Roy started off the Advent calendar, so they decided to close it out by seeing what adventures are to be had at Santa's Garage...

Pete Dakota: The 'Driftsta' has put on the tank treads to zoom through the snow!
BR: While the three wise men Elfy, Yeti, and Frosty watch.

BR 'Track Ripper' is hitched to the reindeer and they're about 
to take off on the snow jump.

Pete:  'Boneshaker' and the snowplow are clearing the roads.

BR: 'Midnight Otto' is really working!  He's carrying the Christmas tree...
Pete: ...and hauling behind him 'Cyber Speeder' on the sled.

Pete: We never did figure out what the rocket engine was for.
BR: Maybe next year?

Pete: This was really fun!  I hope Daddies get us another calendar next year!
BR: So do I, but we're in for it if Holly Belle...

Holly Belle: <ahem> ...if Holly Belle what?
Pete: Eeep!
BR: Um, we were just saying we hope Daddies get us another Advent calendar for next Christmas.
Holly Belle: Hmmf.  Well, if they do, I will make sure it's the *right* one.

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Advent Day 24: Nanny Wendy, Toddler Mikey, & Baby Conor

Nanny Wendy: Since you two have been very good boys all year,
you get to pick the last door on the Advent calendar!
Conor: Bah?
Nanny Wendy: And then early to bed with you tonight so Santa can make his rounds.

Mikey: Yaaaay Santa!
Conor: Yeeeeeee!

Wendy: I'll lift you up; do you need help opening the door?
Mikey: I can do it myself.
Wendy: That's a good lad!

Nanny Wendy: Oh look, Mikey, you picked a Hot Wheels car!
Mikey: Yaaay!  Car go zoom, zoom!

Conor: Thoom!

Nanny Wendy: We'll make sure the car has lots of space to go zoom.
Conor: Thoom!

Nanny Wendy: Okay, it's bath time.  Then big brother Stephen Orange will read you a story.
Say 'Merry Christmas' to all of our friends!
Mikey: Mewwy Chwistmas!
Conor: Mella-Camama thoom!

Peace for 2021

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Advent Day 23: Wendell & Wyatt

Wendell: Merry Christmas Adam, Wyatt!
Wyatt: Merry Christmas...Adam?
Wendell: Of course!  Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, so today is Christmas Adam.
Wyatt: You're a punny man, Wendell.

Wendell: Since our names come near the end of the alphabet,
I guess it's only fitting we pick near the end of the calendar dates.

Wendell: It's a stack of firewood!  
I'm sure Santa wouldn't want to find that going at the bottom of a chimney.

Wyatt: Let's put it, on the opposite corner so the snowman doesn't melt 
and the tree doesn't catch on fire.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Advent Day 22: Kaveh & Pamela

Pamela: Ready for our turn at the Advent calendar, Kaveh?
Kaveh: Indeed I am.  But first, if I may...?
Pamela: You may...what?

Kaveh: Well, Bowie and Valerie told me about the toy they drew and 
I think I've figured out what it is.
Pamela: Oooh, what?

Kaveh: It's a plow attachment!  We'll snap it onto this Hot Wheels here 
and it looks like he's plowing out the roads for the other cars.
Pamela: Clever!  

Pamela: Shall we choose our door now?
Kaveh: We shall!

Pamela: Ooof, another one close to the top!  Don't they know not all little kids are that tall?

Kaveh: He's a grumpy looking chap, isn't he?

Pamela: He's one of Santa's elves; probably tired of making all those toys.  
I know right where he'll go.

Pamela: There we go.  With his snowman friends he won't be grumpy for long.
Kaveh: Genius.

Monday, December 21, 2020

Advent Day 21: Daphne & Frederick (Post #300!)


Frederick: It's about time we had an all-carrot top Advent day!
Daphne: Carrot tops are green; we're gingers!
Frederick: Oh. Well, then, it's about time we had an all-gingers Advent day!
You know, I like to think Santa was a ginger before he got old.
Daphne: That's the spirit!

Daphne: I think I can just reach the window

Daphne: Can  you see what's inside?
Frederick: Yes, it looks like a little sled.

Daphne: It is a sled!  How cute!
Frederick: I know what we can do with it.

Frederick: There, we'll put the green speed machine on top!


Sunday, December 20, 2020

Advent Day 20: Sebastian & Kurt (Things Get Musical)

 Sebastian has decided to narrate today's Advent adventure in song*...

Sebastian: Advent day, it's time to pick the next prize
Advent day, what will be today's surprise?

While Kurt dreams of a winter wonderland,
The next toy of Christmas is at hand

What is behind that little door?
(Yeah, behind that little door)
What's gonna add to our Advent lore?
(Yeah, add to our Advent lore)

We can feel the suspense 'cause it really is so dense, Advent day
Advent day, Advent day, Advent day

Advent day, Kurt's found a cool boon,
Advent day, around the world Santa'll zoom

Oh we'll attach the car to the skis
And dance in the snow if you please

We're counting down the days, to all our Christmas plays
Advent day
Advent day, Advent day, Advent day.

*Advent Day written by Sebastian and Daddy John, based on Welcome Back by John Sebastian

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Advent Day 19: Marco & Katie


Marco: We're getting closer every day to Christmas!  
Katie: Santa will soon be here.

Katie: I can think I can just reach the window...

Marco: Oh boy, another mysterious prize.  What d'you suppose...?
Katie: Er, to be honest, it looks like a jet pack!

Marco: Rudolph the Rocket-Nosed Reindeer?

Katie: I don't envy whoever goes last...
Marco:...they're going to have a lot of prizes to figure out!

Friday, December 18, 2020

Advent Day 18: Wesley & Jennifer

Jennifer: Are you ready for our turn, Wesley?
Wesley: Of course!  I'm the Man of Steel!
Jennifer:  >snort<  Okay, Super Wes, have at it....

Wesley: Up and away!  

Wesley: Holey Moley, what do we have here?

Jennifer: It's a Christmas tree!  Looks like the one Daddies Steve and John put up!

Wesley: Here, the snowmen can decorate it for something to do than just stand around.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Advent Day 17: Gino & Angelo


Angelo: Our turn! Andiamo!
Gino: Molto bene!

Angelo: That door, she is big enough for un'automobile!
Gino I hope it's a Ferrari!

Angelo: Ah, with our luck it would be la Fiat!
Gino: You know what 'Fiat' stands for?
Angelo: Fix it again, Tony!
Gino and Angelo: Hahahahahahahahaha!

Gino: Va bene, let's see what is hiding in here.

Angelo: Wow!  Che bello!

Angelo: We'll hitch her up to the reindeer and harness.
Gino: She will help Babbo Natale zoom through his travels!