Saturday, November 27, 2021

Of Motorcycles & Sled Dogs

 Uh-oh, someone's been at the workbench!  I wonder who...?

Benjamin Roy: Hmmm.  All of these magazines say to winterize one's motorcycle. 
Then the spring tune-up will take less time and be easier.

BR: Guess I'd better get crackin'.  
I wonder if Pete Dakota would help me if I asked.

BR: Think I saw him head outside to walk his dog.

BR: Oh, good grief.  What is he up to?

Pete Dakota>Sigh<
Denali: >Whine<

BR: I'm sorry buddy, but we're not due for snow. And the sled won't run on grass.
Pete: I know. >Sigh< I was hoping to get started on our training.
BR: I think it's supposed to get up to almost 50° today.
Pete: I am getting a bit warm in this coat.

Denali: >Whine<
Pete: Don't worry, girl. I think I have an idea...

Pete: Mush, Denali! Mush!
Denali: Rowf!

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Saturday, November 20, 2021

You Better Watch Out

Holly Belle: Ooh, Mikey, you better behave!
Christmas is just a little over a month away!
Meghan: Yeah, Santa Claus is watching you!

Bowie: Hey squirt, you gotta be good if you expect any Christmas presents this year.
Angelo: That's right!  Babbo Natale knows when bambini are naughty.

Louisette: Non, Mikey, non!  What do you think Papa Noël would 'ave to zay about zat?
Lulu: >Sniff<  'E ees too old and fat to care what leetle children do.

Emile: >Tsk, tsk<  You will find out differently on Christmas day 
when there ees ze lump of coal in your stocking.
Lulu:  >Pbbbbbbbtt!!!<

Louisette: Zut alors, stop your bickering!  Papa Noël, 'e watches us all!

Mikey: >Sigh<  Santie Claws gots dis place bugged.
Connor: Bah?

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Plaid 2021

 Preeeeesenting: This season's plaid lineup at Gregoropolis!

Daddy Steve: Say 'cheese', girls.
Alice: Brie!
Ann Marie: Gruyere!
Jennifer: Monterey Jack!
Daddy Steve: Not bad, in fact, it was Gouda.
Girls: >Groan<

Harriet: What are we looking at?
Pamela: Beats me.  Daddy just said to go for 'wistful'.

Katie: Modeling makes me hungry.
Marta: Yeah, I could go for some cheese & crackers right about now.