Saturday, March 25, 2023


Lulu: Lottie, come quick ma soeur!

Lottie: What ees eet, ma chérie?
Lulu: Look at zee calendar!  Spring, she 'as finally arrived!

Both Printemps, printemps, la-de-da-de-da!  ♫

Lulu: We must ready zee garden!

Emile: Alors, what are you silly filles up to now?
Lulu: Well, Shorty, eef you must know, we are getting ready to work in zee garden.
Lottie: Oui, spring ees finally 'ere!

Emile: >Tsk, tsk< Eet ees still far too early for zat.
Lulu: Do not listen to zee sad, short boy.

Lottie: Sacré bleu! What ees the meaning of zis?!?

Lulu: We 'ave stepped back into zee ice age!
Lottie: Quick, inside before we get charged by le mammoth wolly!

Lottie: Très étrange! I do not understand.
Lulu: I do.  Zis calendar ees obviously defective!

Lulu: We must throw eet out!
Lottie: Oui! Throw eet away!
Emile: >Le sigh<

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Wishing & Waiting


Blake: I can't wait for it to snow!
Wyatt: Snow is so much fun; making snowmen, building snow forts, snowball fights!
Oliver: It seems like the snow will never come!


Blake: I can't wait for all that snow to melt!
Wyatt: We're missing so much fun; playing soccer, climbing trees, digging in the dirt!
Oliver: It seems like spring will never come!

Christoph: Is it simply the nature of humans to always long for what they lack?
Kevin: Quite possibly.  Right now, I'm longing for a piece of cake.

Katie: Well, it does seem like it's been an awfully long winter.
Sasha: And spring still seems so far off.

Kaveh: But we do have the promise of spring; the anticipation!
It's all ahead of us - so many wonderful times.

Katie: That is a nice thought.

Frank: Yeah, it's kind of like the feeling of tearing the 
wrapper off a candy bar before you even take the first bite.

Sasha: Wow.  Who knew Frank could be so philosophical?
Katie: When his mouth isn't full.

Sunday, March 12, 2023

No Time to Lose

Alice: Oh dear me, I sure hope we can find it!

Alice: It's not in here.
Luke: Not in here either, but there is a very tempting 
slice of pineapple upside down cake.

Luke: Not in the trash.
Alice: I should hope not.  That would be terribly wasteful!

Luke: See anything?
Alice: >cough< >splutter< Just some dust bunnies.
Luke: Don't let Ulli know that.  She would freak!

Luke: It's not under here either.
Frank: While you're down there, you don't see a ham sandwich by chance, do you?

Alice: It's not in these drawers.
James: Did the remote go missing again?
Kurt: Don't look at me; I can't even work it.

Luke: Not in here.
Meghan: What on earth are you looking for, anyway?
Ann Marie: Hmmm...I think I know.

Alice: We lost an hour last night, and we're trying to find it!

Meghan: >Sigh<
Holly Belle: >Eye roll< You two have lost more than that.

Saturday, March 4, 2023

Mikey The Lion-Hearted

Nanny Wendy: Oh, look boys, we need to change the calendar to March.
Connor: Ka-da!
Nanny Wendy: It's still very cold outside.  I think this March is coming in like a lion.

Mikey: Lions roar.  RRAAAAWWWWRRRRRR!!!
Nanny Wendy: That's right, sweetie, they do.

Mikey: I a lion!  RRRAWWWWRRRR!!!
Connor and Albert: Huh?

Miguel: ¡Ay Caramba! ¡Un león pequeño!

Marta: Ooooh, what a scary little lion you are.

Ulli: Ja, ja.  I am baking.  Lion needs to play in other room.

Pamela: Oooh, we never should have started watching this scary movie.
Harriet: Well, we have to finish it now.

Pamela and Harriet: EEEEKKKK!!!

Mikey: Hee-hee.......funny?

Albert: No roar?
Mikey: >sigh<  No more.