Monday, May 29, 2017

Rolf's New Summer Clothes

Daddy Steve:  With summer just around the corner, I've been busy taking inventory of our summer clothing.  I felt that we were fairly well set with all the boys, except Rolf.   As an early Götz boy, Rolf has what I would call an "old school" look.  I think he's best suited by a slightly more classic wardrobe.

Since he arrived this winter, he's been wearing a corduroy dungaree outfit that looks really very cute on him.  I thought a more summer version would be perfect, specifically one modeled after the original Götz blue denim and red and white gingham shirt combo.

I've always considered that outfit to be a classic.  I explained my idea to Ginny of A Passion For Sasha, and she was happy to take up the challenge.  The new outfit recently arrived, and we're absolutely thrilled with the results.

Rolf: Sehr gut.

Rolf carefully examined the outfit upon opening the box; he is quite the cautious boy.  Eventually he pronounced his approval.

Doesn't he look adorable?  I had requested that Ginny make the dungarees short for summer.

Although they're faithful to the originals, Ginny made some improvements; most notably the straps fasten behind the bib rather than in the front.  It makes for a much neater look.

The outfit pairs well with a vintage duffel coat because it can still be a little chilly during mornings and evenings.

White sandals would probably be the most authentic footwear for this outfit, but Sebastian's dark blue sandals look fine, too.

I sent Ginny some photos of Rolf wearing his new clothes and she asked if she could use them in an Etsy listing (she made an extra outfit to sell).  I said sure, and she later wrote back that the outfit sold within an hour after she added Rolf's picture.  Now Rolf thinks he has a career as a fashion model!

Rolf contemplates his new career.

Giancarlo: Bravo, bambino!  That's the look!
Rolf:  I'm going to be the next Claudia Schiffer.

Extra-special thanks to Ginny of A Passion For Sasha.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Taking Time To Smell The Flowers

Daddy Steve:  One of the best things about spring here in Gregoropolis is when the lilac bush begins to bloom.  There are few flowers that both look and smell so pretty.

Anthony is a very busy boy.  He's always occupied with some project (in addition to looking out for his little brothers).  Nevertheless, he feels it's important to stop and enjoy the beautiful lilac blossoms.

Anthony: They certainly smell nice.

Anthony: Spring lasts such a short time; you have to stop and enjoy it while you can.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Happy Birthday, Kaveh!

Daddy Steve:  Last Saturday was Kaveh's birthday, so the boys threw a party for him.

The boys all decorated and made lovely birthday cards.

Anthony baked a delicious cake.  Frank was completely mesmerized by the cake, but controlled himself.  We thankfully did not have a repeat of Easter.

Frank:  Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaake...

After cake, Kaveh was given his present as everyone sang "Happy Birthday."  The anticipation built as he ripped off the wrapping paper to reveal...

...Classic Thomas and Percy!  For a boy who likes trains, this was Nirvana.

Kaveh:  Thanks, guys!  This was the best birthday ever!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

What Did You Bring Us?

Daddy Steve:  When we went on our recent trip along Lake Superior's beautiful North Shore, we decided it would be easier to take Daddy John's three boys rather than trying to choose whom out of my Gregor horde would get to go (sorry, boys, but those are the breaks).

Of course, that meant souvenirs must be brought back!

Miguel and Bowie admire a little model of Split Rock Lighthouse.

Miguel:  ¡El faro!  Pedro said that the real one looks just like this, only bigger!

Bowie:  Now I want to learn how to play The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

I knew the camping lantern would be a big hit.

Sebastian:  This is so cool!  Thanks, Daddy Steve!

Tyler:  It will be perfect for summer camp-outs in the backyard!
Mikko:  I can hardly wait!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Vacation, Part 3: Split Rock Lighthouse

Daddy John:  Our final sight-seeing adventure along the North Shore was Split Rock Lighthouse.

It was too early in the season for tours, but we were able to walk around the grounds and up to the lighthouse.

The lighthouse was built in 1910, in response to the great Mataafa Storm of 1905; in that storm 29 ships were lost.  Lake Superior is very cold and unforgiving, especially during the storm season. Read more about the lighthouse here: Split Rock Lighthouse

Searching for whales.
(Sorry, buddy, no whales in these waters)

Pete Dakota: This has been a nice vacation!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Vacation, Part 2: Gooseberry Falls

Daddy John:  Our next vacation adventure was stopping at Gooseberry Falls State Park.  Gooseberry Falls is a 'must do' for anyone traveling up to Duluth and along the North Shore.  My family spent many a Sunday wandering around the Falls when my sister and I were little.  Daddy Steve remembers stopping by there as well as a kid.

Pete Dakota and BR at the Upper Falls.  Where is Stephen Orange?

Here he is, getting some shade.

In front of the Middle Falls (there are 3 waterfalls along the Gooseberry River).

Stephen sure likes investigating the tree roots and little hollows.  He said he was looking for trolls.

And at the Lower Falls; the boys wanted to go wading, but the water was just too cold.  Later in the season, I promised them.

For more information on Gooseberry Falls State Park, go here: Official Website, or here: Wikipedia

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Vacation, Part 1: Lake Superior

Daddy John:  On the spur of the moment, we decided to take a long weekend.  We threw some bags in the car and took a road trip up to northern Minnesota for sight-seeing and relaxation.  The boys were excited and rarin' to go.

We stayed in a hotel in Duluth, Minnesota; right on the tip of Lake Superior (and Daddy John's hometown).  Pete Dakota got up before everyone else the first morning to watch the sun rise over the lake.

After a little breakfast (Daddy Steve is partial to the hotel's waffles), we got dressed and jumped into the car for tour up the North Shore.

Daddy John:  Don't forget to buckle-up, team!

We drove along and found a nice place along the shore to get out and admire the lake.  Budding marine biologist Stephen Orange was eager to share facts he learned about Gitchi-Gami (the Objiwe name for Lake Superior) on the drive up.

Stephen Orange:  Did you guys know that Lake Superior is the largest and deepest of the Great Lakes?  It's also the largest freshwater lake in the United States!

Benjamin Roy:  Watch me skip this rock over the water!

The boys could not seem to get enough of staring at the lake.  Maybe we should get them out of the house more often!  

Running around on the beach and the fresh air did the boys good and we later returned to the hotel tired out and ready for bed.  Since we started the day watching the sun rise over the lake, it seemed only right that we end it similarly!  We watched the moon rise over the north and south piers at the canal entrance.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Garçon Dans Un Jardin (Boy In A Garden)

Daddy Steve:  The weather finally cleared up enough that Emile was able to go outside and check out the garden.  He admired the Trillium, which is just starting to bloom.

Emile:  C'est belle!

Not much else is blooming yet, except for the Vinca.

We do have some monstrous-sized Hostas that have started to poke up out of the ground.

Emile:  Très grand!

Emile also took the time to renew some acquaintances.

Emile:  Bonjour, Madame.  Comment allez-vous?

Emile:  Bonjour, Monsieur Apollo.  C'est une belle journée, non?

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A New Record...

Daddy Steve: ...for losing a shoe: two minutes--just the time it took to get Blake changed into his new outfit.

Purple is Blake's favorite color.  He says it's the color of mystery and magic.  I just got this outfit from Nellie Rose and Blake was quite eager to try it on.  I think it suits him quite well.

Eventually we did locate the missing shoe; Daddy Steve can be very absent-minded about where he sets things down.