Saturday, July 29, 2023

Adventures in Babysitting

 Nicholas and Scot-Michael had agreed to babysit Curly at the Portland Sasha Festival.  His reputation for being a handful was in no danger of being exaggerated.

The initial introduction was a bit underwhelming...

Nicholas Sahara: Hello, little chap!  My name is Nicholas!
Scot-Michael: And I'm Scot-Michael.
Curly: ???

Nicholas: What?  Where did he go?  Our backs were turned for only a second!
Scot-Michael: How does he do that?

He only wanted to ride the merry-go-round!

Curly: Crrsll!
Nicholas: CURLY NO!!

Scot-Michael: Time to break out the big guns.  
Curly!  We have a present for you!

Curly: Wsskyy!
Nicholas: And we're okay with this, are we?
Scot-Michael: Auntie Diane said it was his favorite!
Nicholas: Oh, crumbs...

Nicholas: Not again!
Scot-Michael: HOW does he do that?!?!

Nicholas: Great Richard the III's ghost!
Curly: >Squeeeeeeeee!!!<

Scot-Michael: Did he fly up there?!?!

Scot-Michael: Okay, pillows in position.
Nicholas: Auntie Diane is going to have our guts for garters...
Scot-Michael: Jump, Curly!

Nicholas: >Whew< A soft landing.
Alright, lad, I'll help you down.
Scot-Michael: LOOK OUT!
Curly: Bonk!

Nicholas: >Ooooof<

Scot-Michael: Nickles, are you okay?!?
Nicholas: Oh my giddy aunt, that gavel packs quite a scallop.
Scot-Michael: Wallop.  Sure you're okay?

Fortunately, his shenanigans have tired Curly out and it's nap time...

Nicholas: Aww, he looks like a wee angel.
Scot-Michael: >Hmph< Only when his eyes are closed.

Scot-Michael: He's out.  Our turn for whiskey.
Nicholas: Scout!

Things are a bit calmer after a little snooze.

Nicholas: Well, Curly, Auntie Diane is here to collect you.
Scot-Michael: >Hmph< And not a moment too soon.
Nicholas: Scout!

Curly: Bye-bye Ncklls >smack< 💗
Nicholas: Oh!  What a nice lad.

Curly: Bye-bye Sktt. >smack< 💗
Scot-Michael: Bye-bye, Curly.  Be a good boy!

One last family portrait.

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Festival Preparations, Final

After consulting with Nanny Wendy on babysitting Curly (Patience! Attitude! ESP! Agility!),    Nicholas Sahara and Scot-Michael are ready for their Festival debut.  

Pete Dakota:  Packing all your clothes?
Scot-Michael: Just folding the essentials right now.

Pete: Um, you sure have a lot of socks.  
Scot-Michael: Oh, that's Nicholas.  He's got a whole thing about having plenty--
there's some sort of superstition back in his home country about travel and socks.

Pete: Here, I brought my comics so you have something to read on the flight.
Scot-Michael: Thanks, Pete!  That's awfully swell of you!
Pete: Just remember to bring them back.
Scot-Michael: Ha-ha!  Will do, boss.

Other siblings have been just as helpful...

Uli: Here is lunchbox of snacks for plane ride.
Nicholas Sahara: Aren't you the thoughtful bird!
But surely the airplane will have --
Uli: Nein!  Airline food no good.  My homemade snacks much better.

While others have been of, er, less than beneficial assistance...

Frank: I know!  Why don't we get some donuts, you toss them at me, 
and we'll see how many I can catch in my mouth?
Nicholas: Er, Franklin, how is that to aide us with our agility exercise?
Frank: Your what now?


Scot-Michael: >Whew< I'm exhausted.  I found my camera, too!
We'll want to document the whole trip; good and bad.
Nicholas: And we've still to get Curly's gift.

Denali: >Whine<
Nicholas: Sorry, old girl, we can't take you with us.
Scot-Michael: Besides, you've got to watch over Pete while we're gone!
Denali: Boof!

And back in England...

Auntie Diane: Curly!  You sit up nicely now.
Curly: Thbbbbbbpppppptttttt  😝

Auntie Diane: Your American cousins Nicholas and Scot-Michael will be 
looking after you at the Festival.  You WILL be on your best behaviour--
Curly: Nah! 😈
Auntie Diane: --or they won't bring you a present!
Curly: Wsky?!  😇


Saturday, July 15, 2023

The French Revolution

Yesterday, the French kids of Gregoropolis organized a little party to celebrate Bastille Day.

Emile: Uli, do you need assistance with ze crepes?
Uli: Nein.  You do know we do have crepes in Germany, too.
Now leave kitchen, bitte.

Lottie: Ze ribbons are très belle!
Louisette: Oui, and I bought zem on sale.  Zey were leftovers from ze Quatre Julliet.

Emile: Everything ees perfect!  Now we just need zome traditional musique française.

Lulu: Edith Piaf?!?
Emile: My dear, she ees a national treasure!
Lulu: Perhaps eef one ees 80 years old!

Lottie: Lulu et moi 'ave already selected la musique.
Emile: Duran Duran ?!? Zat ees NOT French!

Lulu: Oh really? And I zuppoze you think Simon LeBon is Chinese!?!
Emile: 'E ees anglais!

Lulu: Ees not!
Emile: Ees so!
Lulu: Ees not!
Emile: Ees so!

Lulu: Non!
Emile: Oui!
Lulu: Non!
Emile: Oui!
Both: Grrrrrrrrr...

Louisette: Come, mes amis, can we not compromise?  Sacha Distel, perhaps?
Emile: Hmmmpf!
Lulu: Hmmmpf!

Lulu: I can zee 'ow ze revolution started.
If 'e 'ad been king, I would 'ave wanted to cut off 'ees 'ead too!

Saturday, July 8, 2023

Festival Preparations, Part 2

Nicholas Sahara: Ah, Wendolyn, here you are.  Just the lass we're looking for.
Scot-Michael: Hi Nanny Wendy.
Nanny Wendy: Hello boys, what can I help you with today?

Nicholas: As you know, we're to accompany Daddy John to that delightful festival in Portland.  
We've been asked to look after one of the younger lads one evening whilst there.
Nanny Wendy Oh?  Ah, and you've come to me for babysitting advice and tips.
Who will you be watching?
Scot-Michael: Er, well, it's Curly.

Nanny Wendy: Curly?  Oh dear. 
Mikey, don't bonk your brother on the head.

Mikey: Okay.
Nanny Wendy: Thank you sweetie.  You're such a good boy.
Baby Conor: Bah!
Nanny Wendy: Yes, Conor, you're a good boy too.

Nanny Wendy: I've heard Curly can be a handful.
Nicholas: Quite.  He has a bit of a... rambunctious...reputation.
Scot-Michael: Hold it!  How did you catch Mikey?!  You weren't even looking at him!

Nanny Wendy: Well, boys, I'll tell you.  It's 75% patience, 10% attitude, and 15% ESP.
Although, you two may want to add agility into the mix.  I know how Curly likes to swing
that gavel around.  I recommend stretching exercises a few days before.

Nicholas: Wendolyn my dear, you truly are the font of all knowledge.
Scot-Michael: He means you rock, Nanny Wendy.
Nanny Wendy: Well, thank you, boys!  I'm sure you'll do great.
Conor: Bonk!

Nicholas: Great Richard the III's ghost!  
What have we gotten ourselves into, Scout?
Scot-Michael: Dunno, Nickels, but you heard The Font.
Patience! Attitude!  ESP!
Both: Agility!  >Gulp<


Saturday, July 1, 2023

Festival Preparations, Part 1

Daddy John:  Nicholas Sahara and Scot-Michael have decided they will accompany me to the Sasha Festival in July.  However, we have an important chore to attend to before arriving in Portland...

Nicholas: What did he say?!
Scot-Michael: I'm not sure I heard him correctly, either.

Nicholas: We're to purchase a what?!?
Scot-Michael: For who?!?

Meanwhile, in Merrie Olde...

Auntie Diane: Curly, are your ears burning?  
I think someone in the States is talking about you!