Sunday, March 27, 2022

Sock It To Me!

Valerie: Good heavens, what happened here?
Serena: Well, I'm in a bit of a panic.
Valerie: I can see that.  What's the problem?
Serena: I can't find the right socks to go with this outfit!

Valerie: What's wrong with the ones you have on?
Serena: Oh, no no no...they just won't do.
I have my heart set on purple socks.  >Sigh< Woe to me.

Valerie: Calm down.  I have an idea.

Bowie: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Valerie: See? I told you Bowie would have purple socks.
He says that all rock stars wear purple socks.
Serena: Is that some kind of union regulation?

Valerie: Now, all we have to do is switch out socks with him.
He won't even know it.
Serena: Won't he wake up?
Valerie: Not a chance.  That boy could sleep through a hurricane.

Bowie: Zzzz  >snort...splutter...snort<
Serena: Oh dear, he's stirring!
Valerie: Hurry up and put his shoes on so we can get out of here!

Bowie: >Yawn<  Huh?  What are you two looking at?

Luke: Oh nothing, just admiring those fancy shoes of yours!
Oliver: >giggle<  Very stylish!
Bowie: Whaa?

Serena: You know, I think this is a look!
Valerie: Good grief...

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Cookie Caper

 This is Natalie, the new-ish girl here at Gregoropolis.  Although she appears to have a perpetually worried look on her face, in reality very few things bother her.  Her only real concern is that we might run out of cookies or donuts.  

In this respect she would seem to be the perfect sidekick for Frank; perhaps a little too perfect...

Natalie: Everyone's out of the house and Uli has just baked some cookies!
Frank: I like the way you think.

Natalie: Mmmmmm...yummy!
Frank: I'll pour the milk.
Natalie: Wait, first you better make sure no one's around.  
Go check the living room.

Frank: There's no one in here!
Natalie: Check the activity room!

Frank: Nobody here either!
Natalie: What about the bedrooms?!?

Frank: Girls' room is empty!

Frank: And so is the boys' room!

Frank: The coast is cle -- hey, what happened to the cookies?!!
Natalie: Well that's odd.  They were here a minute ago.

Natalie: It's a complete mystery.  >Burp<


Ezra: A 'mystery'?  And you let her get away with that?
Wesley: Yeah, Frank, you shoulda called her out on it.
Frank: I just couldn't.  It's those eyes of hers...they're mesmerizing!

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Meeting The New Boy IV

 Daddy John: Stephen Orange has never been the friendliest of the Fab 5.  He's a bit aloof, and would much rather work alone on his marine biology projects than run around.  But, at times he can be talked into playing with his brothers (usually it's Nicholas Sahara who gets him out of his own way).

News of a new brother has reached Stephen Orange's ears, so he has retreated to the quiet lounge to talk it over with his stuffed toy whale shark, Aurora.  

Stephen Orange: >Sigh<

Stephen Orange: Another brother!  He's going to be nosy, noisy, and naughty 
like the rest of them.  What am I going to do?  >Sigh<

Philip Guy: Excuse me, is this chair taken?  May I sit here?
Stephen Orange: >Sigh< I guess.  If you must.

Philip: Thanks.  >Whew!<  The other boys threw me a little party and it was getting a bit 
warm and loud.  I needed a breather.
Stephen Orange: Mm.
Philip: Say, is that a Rhincodon typus?
Stephen Orange: ...why, yes...yes, it is...

Philip: That's cool.  I like the Sphyrna mokarran, the hammerhead shark, myself.
I've been reading a book called The Search for the Giant --

Stephen Orange: --Squid by Richard Ellis!  Yes! A must have for any serious ichthyologist's 
or marine biologist's personal library!

Philip: I'm Philip Guy, but you can call me Phil.
I guess we're brothers now.
Stephen Orange: Hello.  I'm Stephen Orange.  
Always a pleasure to meet a fellow scientist.

And later...

Stephen Orange: there I was, sand everywhere, 
and I do mean everywhere, when I found an intact Dunkleosteus!
Philip: The complete skeleton? Wow!  You know, I've got a lead on a
hammerhead hunting expedition.  Photo-expedition, of course.
Stephen Orange: Then you simply must go!  

Nicholas Sahara: Great Richard the III's ghost, 
they're getting on like a house afire!
Scot-Michael: I think Tyler & Mikko would call this 'nerds of a feather.'

It seems Stephen Orange is not too bothered by the addition of this new brother!
The Fab 5 have become the Sensation 6...

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Rumor Has It


BR: Hi, what's going on?
Pete Dakota: Frank told me that Luke told him that Marta heard that Barbara said that Holly Belle eavesdropped on Daddies John and Steve saying we're getting a new brother!
BR: That's great news!  Why do you look so worried?

Pete: Because...Stephen Orange!
BR: Oh, good point.  He's not going to like this.
Pete: What should we do?
BR: We'll get Nicholas Sahara to break the news to him.
He likes Nicholas the best.

Nicholas Sahara: Oh crumbs.  I'm not saying he's a Dismal Jimmy, 
but he's not the easiest to get on with, is he?
BR: Scot-Michael is looking for him now.  Best to rip off the band-aid quickly.

BR and Pete: 'Dismal Jimmy'??

Scot-Michael: Found him; he's in the kitchen having something to drink.
Tea, I think.
Nicholas: Ooh, a cuppa.  I could murder one now. >Sigh<
But!  All right, over the top with fixed come with.
Scot-Michael: Lay on, Macduff.

Nicholas: There you are, old boy.  >Ahem<  There's jolly interesting news--
Stephen Orange: Save it.  I've heard.

Nicholas: Now, it's not as bad as all that, eh?
Stephen Orange: Another brother!  I haven't gotten used to the last one yet.
And, frankly, that one smelled funny.
Scot-Michael: HEY!  I'm right here!