Friday, March 24, 2017

A Case of the Worrys

Daddy John:  A nice day for a change, so I sent Benjamin Roy out to take Annabelle for a walk.  They were both getting a touch of cabin fever.

I was surprised not to see Peter tagging along; usually he and BR are joined at the hip (and he adores Annabelle).  I found him upstairs, sitting in the blue chair and staring out the window.

Daddy John:  Hey buddy, what's going on?
Pete Dakota:  Hi, Daddy John.  I was thinking about some stuff.  Can I ask you something important?

Pete Dakota:  Is a new boy coming to live with us?
Daddy John:  Yes, he is.  How did you know that?
Pete Dakota:  I guessed when you said on the postcard that there was a surprise.  And I overheard you and Daddy Steve talking about him.
Daddy John:  Well, that'll teach me little pitchers have big ears.  I was going to talk with you and BR about him tonight, actually.  Pete, are you worried about the new boy?

Pete Dakota:  A little.
Daddy John:  Why, buddy?
Pete Dakota: (whispering) What if BR likes him better than me?
Daddy John:  Oh, Pete...that's never going to happen.  You and BR are best friends and I doubt anything could separate you two.  I know if you always treat BR with kindness and respect like you always do --and he does the same to you--nothing bad will ever happen.  Yes, things are going to change when Stephen Orange gets here, but only for the better.
Pete Dakota:  That's his name?  Stephen Orange?  Almost like Daddy Steve's.
Daddy John:  That's right, their names are similar.  Remember how nervous BR was when he joined our family?  And how you two got along right away?  I know you will all get along and be friends.
Pete Dakota:  Do you really think so?
Daddy John:  I know it.  In fact, you know what might help break the ice?
Pete Dakota:  What?
Daddy John:  Well, Stephen Orange really likes animals and he especially likes mysterious animals.  I bet if you showed him your book about the Loch Ness Monster, he'd really like that.

Pete Dakota:  Oh, that's a neat idea.  I'd like that, too.
Daddy John: Good.  Feel better?
Pete Dakota:  Yes, I do.  A little.  When does he come?
Daddy John: Not for a couple weeks yet.  Shall we go find BR and Annabelle and tell them about him?
Peter Dakota:  Okay.  Then I'd better find my book and have it ready.


Dee said...

Poor Peter Dakota, it can be worrying when new people arrive,everyone wants to make them feel welcome and it can make friends appear to have moved on but once the dust settles friendship always return to normal and everyone is happy.
I'm sure that Peter's best friend will still be so , once the new boys settled in.

NeverUschi said...

Stephen Orange is a very lucky boy to come to Gregoropolis, so I believe he will settle in fine and you'll be best friends soon.

Angelo's Papa said...

I'm going to give you the 'Best Daddy' award for active listening and problem solving skills.