Sunday, November 26, 2017

Thankful Follow-up

Daddy Steve: The boys spent Thanksgiving morning thinking about the things that they were thankful for.  They then wrote them down on leaves and hung the leaves on the tree.

Sasha: I'm thankful for Daddy Steve.
Stephen Orange: ...and Daddy John!
Miguel: And all of our internet friends.

Tyler: We're thankful for soccer.
Mikko: And adventure!
Charles: And frogs.
Kaveh: I'm thankful for my trains.

Luke: I'm thankful for my dog, Krakatoa, and he's thankful for me.  Isn't that right, boy?
Krakatoa: Yip! Yip!
Sebastian: I'm thankful for my music.  What are you thankful for, Rolf?
Rolf: My handsome nose!

Anthony and Robin: We're thankful for good books.
Blake: Especially Harry Potter!
Frank: I'm thankful it's almost dinner time!

Ravi: I'm thankful for you, Patrick.
Patrick: And I'm thankful for you, Ravi.
Bowie: I'm thankful for my sweetheart, Rebel.

Emile: I am zankful for my rich and beautiful French 'eritage that I can zhare wiz my brothers.
Giancarlo: Hmmph.  I'm thankful that your bedtime is earlier than mine.

Benjamin Roy: C'mon Pete, let's hang our leaves.  What are you thankful for?
Pete Dakota: Well, um, I'm thankful for you and Annabelle.  How about you?
BR: I'm thankful for Annabelle, too.  And my best friend.
Pete: Who's that?
BR: You, you goof!

Sasha: There's a lot to be thankful for!
Anthony: There certainly is.


SimplySasha said...

What lovely boys you have living at Gregoropolis! Not only do they LOOK GOOD they ARE GOOD!! I loved this post <3

Dee said...

Lol , some of those thankful's made me laugh :) What sweet boys they are and we are thankful that they share their time with us here in blog-land, so we can be thankful too! :)

Serenata said...

What a great thankful tree and so many good things to be thankful for that sometimes we can take for granted. Good on you boys for recognising all these things.

jenann said...

I'm thankful for fun Gregor friends who help their Daddy Steve to keep us up to date on what they are doing all the way round the other side of the world.
Luke,who just arrived at Bryn Derw.

NeverUschi said...

I'm thankful for this post. It made my day!

Gregor Daddies said...

Often the best gifts are the ones that you never expected. In delving into the world of Sasha and Gregor, John and I have met so many truly wonderful people.