Friday, April 6, 2018

BR Builds A Bed

Daddy John:  Gregoropolis has gotten a bit crowded of late, so we've needed some new sleeping accommodations.

I came across Benjamin Roy lounging in a quiet and solitary corner (very rare around here!).  When I expressed my plan, he happily volunteered to take over.

BR: I've been watching a lot of This Old House; I've got this, Daddy John!

BR: First, we review the plans and inventory our parts and tools.

BR: Uh-oh, the little man in the directions has a friend to help him.  Guess I will need a helper, too.

BR's best buddy Pete Dakota was soon enlisted and he appeared, hammer in hand.

The boys set to work.  BR hammered in the pegs and Pete screwed in the bolts.

Pete: Have you got that end all right?  Careful now, watch your fingers!

In no time at all, the frame was all put together and soon the boys were putting on the mattress, sheets, and blanket.

BR: Think I will test it out with a nap.  Would you turn off the lights on your way out, Daddy John?


Kendal said...

We've got this Ikea bed here but unfortunately didn't have this charming story to accompany it being put together. (Had to choose my words here a little carefully!)

jenann said...

OK, computer off then! The boys at Bryn Derw can't be getting ideas of a bed each as there are way too many here to give them all floor space. They have to sleep in shifts.
That's a great bed and I am not surprised that BR decided to take a nap.

Dee said...

Benjamin Roy was very good at bed building with the help of Pete Dakota.
I wonder if BR going to give that bed up once he’s naps finished?
I see that while Daddy Steve falls for a pretty face and invites them to come and stay , Daddy John is the practical one who makes sure they have somewhere to sleep and food in their belly!

NeverUschi said...

Ooooh dangerous, I must visit Ikea next week... always try to stay clear of the toy department, but you never know. I really like their little men showing how it is done, and we had a lot of Ikea furniture to built in the last 3 months. Always make sure the item is arranged straight with the carpet!
You can see the boys had just as much fun assembling as we did!

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

such a good job they did! and I was impressed they made up the bed after they built it and didn't leave that for others!

Gregor Daddies said...

Hi Marti -

They sure didn't learn that from Daddy Steve ;-)

Serenata said...

Great to see they have a good bed and lovely bedding. Well done boys.