Thursday, May 31, 2018

Doughnut Day

Daddy Steve: June 1st is National Doughnut Day here in the United States.  This special day originated in 1938 as a Salvation Army fundraiser, and to honor the Salvation Army 'Lassies' of World War I who served doughnuts to soldiers.

During the first World War, Salvation Army volunteers traveled to France to set up canteens/social centers to meet the needs of U.S. soldiers.  Part of their work involved distributing doughnuts to the troops.

Frank would like to encourage everyone to celebrate this special day by having their favorite doughnut (which is never a bad idea on a Friday, anyway).

Frank: Glazed, powdered sugar, chocolate frosted, jelly or custard-filled, sprinkles...Mmmmmmm!  One day just isn't enough to celebrate doughnuts!


Serenata said...

Now a doughnut day is my idea of a good day to have. Interesting to read the history behind it. Enjoy your doughnuts Frank.

NeverUschi said...

That's a tough decision - they all look irresistible. No! Frank! Don't eat them all!

Dee said...

Well we all love a good doughnut! and Franks got plenty to chose from.

That's was a very interesting fact about the doughnuts in the war, a little taste from home probably gave them a respite from all that was happening for a few minutes.

Kendal said...

Always love to learn little historic facts like this especially when they enjoy annual anniversaries.