Saturday, February 23, 2019

A Peek Into The Wardrobe

Daddy Steve: Mikko and Tyler are busy contemplating their 'dream' of filling the wardrobe box full of water.  No one really understands why they are so enamored with this scheme, or what they would actually do with it once filled.  Such is the nature of dreams...

Mikko: This would be so cool if we dumped out all the clothes and filled it with water!
Tyler: Yeah!  You know, I never realized it was so big.  I bet we could put a thousand gallons in here.
Mikko: Maybe even a million!

Ezra: You do realized that this isn't our wardrobe box?  It belongs to the girls.
Tyler: But why would they need such a big box?  They always say that they don't have hardly anything to wear.
Ezra: Ha-ha.  Help me lift the cover and you'll see.

Mikko: Wow! Look at all of those clothes!
Tyler: I had no idea they had so many!
Ezra: Haven't you ever noticed how often they change outfits?
Mikko & Tyler: No.

Mikko: Gosh, that blows my mind.  How do they decide what to wear?  And what are all these?
Ezra: Underpants.
Tyler: Why so many?!?
Ezra: To match each dress.
Tyler: Unbelievable!
Ezra: Wait 'til you see this...

Mikko: Holy Cow!  Look at all those shoes!
Ezra: They gotta have a pair to match every outfit.
Tyler: My shoes match all my clothes.

Mikko: It's overwhelming.  How do they ever get dressed in the morning?
Tyler: I would just wear my pajamas all day.

A little later...

Tyler: Hello, ladies.  We just want you to know how much respect we have for you.
Mikko: Yeah, we had no idea being a girl was so complicated.

Daisy: What on earth were they talking about?\
Holly Belle: Don't even try to figure it out.


Dee said...

Ha Ha Ha you boys never realised just how simple life is for you! Yes those poor girls have to worry about pants matching dresses, matching shoes ! Not to forget that you cannot be seen to be wearing the same outfit as another .. unless she's your twin!
Then there's the right colour, the latest colour , the 'in' colour! It's all mind boggling! Oh for the days when a girl could just tumble out of bed and put on whatever she wanted in an assortment of colours.....

So be thankful boys that you don't have to worry about these things yet... unlike Valentine, in the village, who takes to his bed if he's clothes are not just right!

Dee said...

Ps, were those boy's after making that box into a shark pool? Just wondered..... Hammer head today, great white tomorrow... just saying....

Gregor Daddies said...

Hi Dee, I think you may be on to something - definitely some kind of whale-of-a-tale involved in their scheme ;-)

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

those poor boys, just wait till they grow up and learn about makeup, hair styling equipment, etc. They have no idea....

Can't wait to see what sort of schemes they have planned for the wardrobe box!! hmmm, almost scared to know!

Ginger said...

I love your boys and their excitement to fill the box with water...a million gallons maybe! So like boys! The girls are not only increasing at Gregoropolis but also their clothing. Your organization of their clothes and shoes is excellent! Another great post! 😊 xxx

Kendal said...

A few excellent examples here between the way Sasha boys and girls live, think and act.
BTW. Any Sasha babies on the horizon yet?