Friday, March 8, 2019

Ahoy, Captain Nemo! (Part 2)

Daddy Steve: Mikko and Tyler have told Rhoda and Ezra all about their scheme to re-launch the Nautilus.

Ezra: That would be awfully cool!
Rhoda: You should use our wardrobe box; it's much bigger.
Tyler: Um, do you think we should ask Holly Belle first?
Rhoda: Why would she care?

Although Mikko and Tyler don't always exercise the best judgement, they're not total fools...

Mikko: We should probably ask Holly Belle.
Tyler: Yeah.

Surprisingly, Holly Belle was in an agreeable mood.

Holly Belle: Just plain water, right?
Tyler: Yes, ma'am.
Holly Belle: Well, that seems okay.  We hardly have anything in it anyway.  Just be sure you dry it out when you're done.
Mikko: Thanks!

Finally the big moment arrived.  New boy Nicholas, hearing all the commotion, joined the group.

Nicholas: I say, this is more exciting than the Royal Yacht Squadron Regatta!

Tyler felt the spring tighten as he turned the winding key.

Tyler: All engines standing by.

Mikko replaced the cork.

Mikko: We're watertight!

Tyler carefully lowered the sub into the water...

Tyler: Ready!

Mikko: Wow! Look at it go!
Ezra: How many knots do you think it's traveling?
Nicholas: It really looks like it's diving and surfacing!
Rhoda: Way cool!

Tyler: Too bad we don't have a giant squid to attack it.
Rhoda: I've got just the thing...

Rhoda: I've been saving this for a special occasion.
Tyler: Perfect!
Mikko: You know, Rhoda, you're okay!
Rhoda: Yeah, I know.

Mikko: "Helmsman, why have we stopped?"
Tyler: "Sir, a giant Kraken has fouled our propeller!"
Mikko: "Then we must surface and do battle with the beastie!"



Dee said...

Bravo ! What a wonderful tale and we even get to see it for ourselves too! The Nautilus was still in full working order !

How nice that Rhoda had a Kraken readily available to attack the sub ! I can see Holly Belle not getting that wardrobe box back for a good while, with all the adventures and Kraken battling that will be taking place.

It's all happening at Gregoropolis

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

Rhoda certainly won some points with the boys for having a fierce and deadly Kraken to attack the sub! Very cool “antique “ toy!!

Ginger said...

Yes, this is a “way cool” post and I really like your video showing the Nautilus in action! Plus sound effects! The giant squid is a perfect completion to the Nautilus’ maiden voyage. Better get “Kraken” on the next Part III post! 😊. xxx

Kendal said...

Wow! Such wonderful and exciting creativity action happening over there.
There must never be a dull moment in your household.