Saturday, February 22, 2020

Saint Thomas Was A Good Egg

Frank: Hey Patrick and Ravi, what are you guys doing?
Ravi: We're learning about Thomas Becket.
Frank: Never heard of him.

Patrick: He's also known as Saint Thomas of Canterbury.
Frank: Oh, him!  Sure, I've heard of him.

Ravi: Oh really, Frank?  What can you tell us about him?

Frank: He was the one who invented those chocolate cream eggs that we have at Easter!

Patrick: >sigh<  Frank, those are Cadbury eggs.

Frank: Whatever.  Those Brits have so many different ways of saying things.

Frank: Um, gotta go.
Ravi: Now where are you off to?
Frank: I have a craving for a Canterbury egg!


Dee said...

Lol....Frank we love you.... hope you find that Canterbury egg

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

Oh I love the Canterbury... ER, I mean Cadbury eggs, too! Have to get my fill before Easter is over!!