Saturday, August 29, 2020

The Birds & The Bees

Bowie: So that's how you change a diaper!
Ann Marie: Yes.  And if you occasionally helped Nanny Wendy with Connor's diapers, 
you would know that.
Bowie: Well, you guys seem to have everything under control.
Meghan: Hmmph!
Connor: Ba ga koo!

Bowie: Hey, what's that?!
Meghan: >whispering<  That is s-e-x.
Bowie: Sex?!?
Connor: Blx!

Meghan: Shh!  Not so loud!
Ann Marie: Didn't you know?
Bowie: I always thought sex was...uh, well...I'm not sure what I thought.
But I didn't think it was that.
Meghan: Yeah, that's what it is.  Kind of surprising, isn't it?
Bowie: Boy, I'll say.
Connor: Oook flep poka.

Ann Marie: Apparently baby girls have sex too, but it looks a little different.
Bowie: But, uh, we don't have sex?
Meghan: Oh no, as near as we can guess, it eventually just goes away by itself.
Ann Marie: Like a pimple.
Bowie: Well that's a relief.  I'm really surprised though; the big people
 always act like sex is such a huge deal.
Connor: Blaa!

Meghan: Does anything the big people say or do ever make sense?
Ann Marie: It's true.  I'm afraid the big people are rather clueless.
Bowie: I guess you're right.
Connor: Eeep.

Meghan: It's probably best that we not mention this conversation to the others.
Ann Marie: It would just upset them.
Bowie: Oh, for sure.  I mean Connor's just a little baby.  It's not his fault that he has sex.
Connor: Gah!


Dee said...

Mmm I'm thinking the Dads need to maybe have a talk about s e x with the kids or poor Connor could be a very confused child along with the rst of them.
I write this after I finished laughing at the girls confusing poor Bowie with their reasoning.
Wish I could be there to assist but I'm sure you guys have got it.... lol

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

So, the kids have discovered Connor’s “suggestical” at last! I love that it will go away like a pimple. Judging by Holly Belles current obsession with John Martin, I’d say the hormones are still going strong, however!

NeverUschi said...

Connor's comments are so philosophical...