Saturday, September 25, 2021

Meeting Disorder

Stephen Orange: Welcome to our monthly Team DJ (Daddy John) meeting.  
I'd like to thank you all for coming.

Stephen Orange: We have a full agenda today so I'd...
Pete Dakota: >Ahem<

Stephen Orange: Oh! Er, yes?  Chair recognizes Pete Dakota.

Pete Dakota: I was told there would be punch and pie?

Stephen Orange: Yes, refreshments are last; they'll come at the end of today's meeting.
Now then --

Nicholas Sahara: Refreshments?!  Oh, that's me then!
Yes, my turn and all that.  Shan't be a tick.

Stephen Orange: No, they --
Nicholas Sahara: There we are.  Couldn't budge over a bit, old man? Lovely.
These are called frose-dex-aullaires.  They're quite popular in my country.

Benjamin Roy: Froze-uh-dix-whatnow?
Scot-Michael: Frose-dex-aullaires.  Candy fruit slices.

Stephen Orange: I believe, as chairman, I have the floor! 
The agenda clearly states refreshments come at the end of today's meeting!
Nicholas Sahara: Right you are, old man.  You carry on while I just pass these out.
Stephen Orange: >Grrrrrrrrrrrrr<

Pete Dakota: Wow!  These are great!
Nicholas Sahara: Scrummy, aren't they?  They're a national treasure back home, they are.

BR, Scot-Michael, Pete, Nicholas: >munch, munch, snarf, munch...<
Stephen Orange>Sigh< Why do I even bother?


Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

OMG, love the Oprah poster in the background!! Poor Stephen Orange! I'd like to know what meeting agenda items he had lined up, but guess we'll never know now, what with the candy distracting everyone. So glad Gregoropolis is BACK!!

Anonymous said...

Have truly missed the antics of this wonderful crew! So glad you're back and the fun is continuing!! Cheryl M.

Dee said...

Oh dear ! Now we will never know just what was on Steven Orange's full agenda !
But I'm sure they enjoyed the refreshments! lol

Loved the changing posters on the wall as chaos started to take over !