Saturday, November 27, 2021

Of Motorcycles & Sled Dogs

 Uh-oh, someone's been at the workbench!  I wonder who...?

Benjamin Roy: Hmmm.  All of these magazines say to winterize one's motorcycle. 
Then the spring tune-up will take less time and be easier.

BR: Guess I'd better get crackin'.  
I wonder if Pete Dakota would help me if I asked.

BR: Think I saw him head outside to walk his dog.

BR: Oh, good grief.  What is he up to?

Pete Dakota>Sigh<
Denali: >Whine<

BR: I'm sorry buddy, but we're not due for snow. And the sled won't run on grass.
Pete: I know. >Sigh< I was hoping to get started on our training.
BR: I think it's supposed to get up to almost 50° today.
Pete: I am getting a bit warm in this coat.

Denali: >Whine<
Pete: Don't worry, girl. I think I have an idea...

Pete: Mush, Denali! Mush!
Denali: Rowf!


Dee said...

We are all loving the work bench, great motorcycle calendar! Now you have Percy writing to Santa for a workbench!

It's cold enough here for snow though a long way to come just for some training Pete! I love your alternative method, you will have him trained in no time.

NeverUschi said...

Did you know two dachshunds can pull a not too slim lady on a scooter? I used to do this when we all were younger, and we had so much fun racing through the forest. A word to the wise: it's safer to fasten the dog's leash to your belt, else it might run away with the scooter...
The biker jacket made some of the kids here very envious.