Saturday, October 8, 2016

Welcome Back Home, Robin

Daddy Steve:  Robin, the Prince of Gregoropolis is back.  He returned home today after spending the week at a 'spa' in Florida.  He was under the care of Dr. Pat, who is absolutely brilliant at fixing all kinds of Sasha ailments.  It seems that back in 1985 Robin left the Trendon factory with stringing that was a little too tight.  This caused him to have a bit of a caving problem later on.  He also had some chest marks from a too snug doll stand.  Thanks to Dr. Pat, he's now good as new and can hold his head up high. 



Robin: As a modern royal, I no longer wear my princely garb on a daily basis.  Nevertheless, I still appreciate the importance of regal deportment.  Thanks to Dr. Pat, my head stays up and turns easily.  Now I am able to keep up with the other boys while maintaining my poise and dignity.

Giancarlo: Ciao, Robin!  Benvenuti a casa!  È bello vederti!
(Hello Robin!  Welcome home!  It's good to see you!)

I feel good as new and am very happy to be home.

Daddy Steve: You can find out more about Dr. Pat's services here:


NeverUschi said...

It beats me why some people lock a Sasha or Gregor in a doll stand. Last winter I had a discussion with a well-known German toy auction house on that issue. They had crushed a Götz no-nose's body with a too tight clamp, jut out of fear she might topple over. So what? She was safely in a glass case...
(I didn't bid on her. But I found her one day later on Ebay; her lucky winner can't have been too pleased.)
It's good Robin is back and well. And it's still better he doesn't have to wear his princely uniform all the time. He looks so much smarter in his sweater!

Serenata said...

Pat is great and a lovely lady to chat to as well! Looks like she did a fabulous job on Robin, he must feel so much better now.

Just love his sweater! Very handsome lad.

Gregor Daddies said...

Hi Ursula -

That's a shame. Sashas are so well balanced and stable that you really don't need a doll stand. Hopefully the no-nose girl will get some help. I recently ran across a website for someone in Germany who just does amazing restoration work on early Gotz Sashas. I agree, casual clothes do suit Robin much better.

Hi Lorraine -

Yes, Pat is indeed a lot of fun to chat with. She did a wonderful job on Robin and he's much happier now. The sweater is great. I just got it recently on eBay, and I thought Robin should be the first to wear it since he was so brave.