Sunday, May 21, 2017

Happy Birthday, Kaveh!

Daddy Steve:  Last Saturday was Kaveh's birthday, so the boys threw a party for him.

The boys all decorated and made lovely birthday cards.

Anthony baked a delicious cake.  Frank was completely mesmerized by the cake, but controlled himself.  We thankfully did not have a repeat of Easter.

Frank:  Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaake...

After cake, Kaveh was given his present as everyone sang "Happy Birthday."  The anticipation built as he ripped off the wrapping paper to reveal...

...Classic Thomas and Percy!  For a boy who likes trains, this was Nirvana.

Kaveh:  Thanks, guys!  This was the best birthday ever!


Henry Holiday said...

What a great birthday you had Kaveh. A Very Happy Belated Birthday! You would have loved seeing the trains that I saw earlier in the week, they were such fun. There was also a Thomas the Tank Engine track and trains as well.

Lol at Frank's face - he really is mesmerised by that cake.

Dee said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Kaveh
Happy Birthday to youuuu !

What a lovely party you all had and what a yummy cake! Thank goodness Frank
didn't get hold of that cake!
and what a lovely present ! trains just what little boys and girls love!

NeverUschi said...

Seems they had a very good time, and everyone got a piece of cake!
Frank's shirt is so cute - love that fabric. Kaveh certainly will have a lot of fun with his new trains. And even the wrapping proved useful, as very trendy party hat!

Angelo's Papa said...

Happy birthday, Kaveh! What a fun-filled birthday party you had with such a delicious looking cake to eat. With all your brothers there, you'll be eating lots of birthday cake all year long!