Thursday, May 25, 2017

Taking Time To Smell The Flowers

Daddy Steve:  One of the best things about spring here in Gregoropolis is when the lilac bush begins to bloom.  There are few flowers that both look and smell so pretty.

Anthony is a very busy boy.  He's always occupied with some project (in addition to looking out for his little brothers).  Nevertheless, he feels it's important to stop and enjoy the beautiful lilac blossoms.

Anthony: They certainly smell nice.

Anthony: Spring lasts such a short time; you have to stop and enjoy it while you can.


Dee said...

It is important to stop and smell the flowers! It's lovely when Spring finally kicks in after the cold and dark of the winter months and before the heat of summer.
That lilac bush looks well worth pausing to enjoy it's scent and colour.

Jane said...

How beautiful! Yes do enjoy it, Anthony :) We have a lilac bush, which we have had for many years, but it has never flowered, not once. It is definitely a lilac bush. We have had many tips over the years, but it just will not flower :( x

Serenata said...

Something we do here every day at Rose Cottage and that is stop and smell the flowers, predominantly roses we have to admit and the aroma that comes from them walking up our front path is delightful!

We used to have a lovely lilac tree, but sadly we had to remove it - problems with it near the fence and the back neighbours scorching it! We haven't replaced it as of yet. We do have a white one, but it has never flowered much and the scent isn't anything like the pink one was.

So glad you got the chance to take some time out to 'smell the flowers' Anthony.

Angelo's Papa said...

I grew up with lilac bush hedges all around our property. Spring was heavenly with the scent of lilac heavy in the air. This posting made me wonder why we've not yet planted any here at our home. I'd best speak to the gardener about some lilac plantings this next spring.