Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Children & Summertime

Daddy Steve: Today's post is not strictly about dolls, but also children and summertime.

Our kitchen wall calendar this year features historic photos of Minneapolis; it's fun to look at pictures of our city from times past.

Kaveh: Look at all the carriages!
Giancarlo: I guess that's why they call them the 'horse & buggy' days.

The photo for June is our favorite.  It features Minnehaha Falls in 1915, looking almost exactly as it does today.  What we find particularly charming are the three young ladies who have waded out into the creek below the falls, probably on a hot summer's day.

Kaveh: That looks like fun!
Giancarlo: It makes me want to take off my shoes and wade in water.

Like Sasha dolls, this picture seems to perfectly capture the essence of childhood in its purest form. Summer begins today in the Northern Hemisphere; we would like to wish everyone a Happy Solstice!

We don't have a creek nearby, so the boys decided to improvise!


Serenata said...

What a great idea boys! I am sure there will be plenty here at Rose Cottage who will try this out as it has been so stifling hot here - even I thought it was verging on too hot today! But not quite, I don't like to complain as I do actually love the warm sunny weather, and it never seems to last long enough here.

Angelo's Papa said...

There's nothing like cooling off your feet in a nice pool of cold water. If you can't go to the lake, bring the lake to you - clever improv, boys! Yesterday was our winter solstice and we can look forward to the coming spring. Stay cool in Gregoropolis!

SimplySasha said...

Very clever boys you have there...but where is young Bowie....don't tell me busy recording again?? Rebel sends her love <3

Kendal said...

Being an ex-teacher in a cash strapped primary school I've always encouraged improvisations.
Two very clever lads here! Two gold stars!

Dee said...

Lovely photo of the little girls wading in the river. How pretty their clothes look.
With the weather we've been having here a chance to go wading in a river would be bliss! Alas although we are quite close to a river , by the time we'd walked there we'd have melted!!
I've with the boys and their improvising with the dish to go paddling in and cooling down, well done boys.. now I'm off to find a suitable dish for some paddling myself.. you've started a trend! ;)

Jane said...

How cool and inviting! Great idea boys! I remember many, many moons ago as a small child on a day out to the Lakes, walking along the steep sides of a small brook, tripping and rolling down the bank into the very cold water!! Dad hooked me out and I was soaked and I think I cried quite a bit LOL :) x

Rosie said...

Haha - your improvised pool made me laugh boys!

I was interested to see the Minnehaha Falls - I remember learning The Song of Hiawatha in primary school, it had a very lyrical quality!

jenann said...

When the real thing is not available sensible Gregors can always adapt!

I love the old photo and would love to be able to see the details of the girls' clothing. They look so elegant but I am glad that swimsuits were allowed by the time I was a child -even if that was long ago.