Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sasha Fest 2017

Daddy Steve:  The annual U.S. Sasha Fest takes place this weekend in Washington, D.C.  We hope that everyone attending has a wonderful time!

Sasha: Enjoy the crafts!
Emile: Buy clothes and presents for your kids!
Frank: Eat lots of Sasha cookies!

Emile: I, uh,...'Sasha' cookies?
Sasha: Frank, what are you talking about?
Frank: Sasha cookies are magic cookies.  They're any flavor you want them to be: chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, cinnamon & sugar, ginger snap, macadamia...

Frank: Toffee fudge, M&M, cherry almond...
Emile: Frank!  That ees the silliest thing I 'ave ever 'eard.  
SashaWhere do you get these ideas?

Frank, whispering: Don't listen to them.  We know better; have fun and eat lots of Sasha cookies!

The boys of Gregoropolis will see you next year at Sasha Fest 2018 here in Minneapolis!


Henry Holiday said...

Sasha Cookies? That sounds yummy! Oh no don't tell me I'm not only missing out on the Festival this year and seeing all my friends, but also Sasha Cookies!

Luv Henry (I think I'll have to go down to the bottom of the garden and....)

Jane said...

Those cookies sound wonderful!! There was an SCW here in Nottingham in May, but we were away on the IoW, but hopefully one day Ezri and I will get to attend one :) Jane x

Dee said...

Those magic Sasha cookies sound great! Wonder if they'll have them at next years festival?
If they do you boys can tell us just how they tasted 😃

Kendal said...

I love to see inventive and creative lads. Hopefully they should go far in the future marketing world!