Friday, July 14, 2017

To Boldly Sew...

Daddy Steve: While prowling around my favorite vintage shop the other day, I picked up a remnant of Star Trek-themed fabric.  It's a rather fanciful (Daddy John says 'questionable') depiction of the original 1960s series.

Everybody at Gregoropolis enjoys the many incarnations of Star Trek, but Kaveh and Patrick are definitely the biggest fans.  They were very excited by our new find.

Patrick: Amazing!
Kaveh: This is so cool!

Patrick: Ahead, Mr. Sulu.  Warp Factor Two!
Kaveh: wwwwwwhhhmmmmMMMWWSSHHHH!

Patrick: Hey, where did you go?

Kaveh:  It's my 'cloaking device!'

Patrick loves the original series (TOS to Trekkies); his absolute favorite character is Mr. Spock.  He appreciates Spock's devotion to logic and rational thinking.  Patrick always says that if everyone were just a bit more logical, the world would be a better place.  I can't argue with that...

Patrick: Live long and prosper.

Kaveh is partial to The Next Generation (TNG).  His favorite character is the ship's counselor Deanna Troi (Daddy John calls her Counselor Cleavage).  Kaveh appreciates Troi's calming manner and her ability to help people get to the root of their problems.  He wants to be a counselor and help people when he grows up.

Kaveh: She's very wise and caring.

Just as Captains Kirk and Picard relied on the advice of their respective crews, I asked Kaveh and Patrick what we should make out of the fabric.  Blankets?  A wall hanging?  Perhaps a play-mat?  Bear in mind that it's not a big piece and Daddy Steve's sewing skills are rudimentary, at best.

Patrick: It's only logical to consider all possibilities.
Kaveh: You should examine your feelings; what do you think is best?

These two make a good crew!


Serenata said...

A play mat might be fun, it can then double (or triple?) as a quilt, or wall hanging, or den 'door' whatever they want it to.

What fun fabric!

Enjoy boys.

Dee said...

LOL I love that ending ! Love the original Star trek and also the latest films , Star trek was/is one of the best sci fi programmes out there!
I also loved Lost in Space , showing my age here!

Well what to do with that piece of fabric? I agree with the boys :) Logically examine those feeling and it will come to you ;) x

NeverUschi said...

This fabric is adorable! I'm certainly not short of fabrics, but this makes me a little envious.

Jane said...

WOW!! What a find! I am a Trekkie also. I loved watching TOS 'back in the day' when we had a tiny screened black and white telly! When TNG first came out I was sceptical, but Captain Picard and the crew won me over. My kids loved it so much they would even watch it on Sky as 'Raumschiff Enterprise' in German! Mum and me would spend whole days, when she was ill, watching DS9, as this was Mum's fave Star Trek series. I never really gelled with Voyager or Enterprise though. I think Zac Quinto makes a scrummylicious Spock though... mmmm :P xx

Gregor Daddies said...

Hi Nanna -
Always good to hear from a fellow Trekkie! My favorite episode of DS9 was when they revisited the original Trouble with Tribbles episode. I thought it was so cool how they were able to do that. And yes, Zac Quinto is fantastic as Spock! Really all of the casting for the new films was spot-on, I thought.