Friday, February 9, 2018


Daddy Steve: Ever since Mikko and Tyler received a pair of roller blades for Christmas, they've been just dying to try them out.

Mikko: Why do we have to wait until the weather is nice?  There's plenty of room here in the house.

Of course, skating around on a level floor is far too sedate for our two daredevils.

Tyler: This is going to be awesome!
Mikko: I know!

Anthony quickly put a stop to their reckless scheme.

Anthony: You two are going to hurt yourselves and then we'll have to mail you down to Dr. Pat.  If you're going to try all kinds of crazy stunts, then we have to buy padding for you first.
Mikko & Tyler: Awwwwwwwww

Because patience is not in their nature, they soon hatched a plan...

Mikko: I know where we can get padding right now!
Tyler: Do tell.

Robin: Hey, where did all the sofa cushions go?

Mikko: Geronimo!
Tyler: Whoo-hoo!


Serenata said...

Ha ha, yup, that is boys for you!

In line roller skates! They are fantastic, weren't you lucky boys to get these.

NeverUschi said...

Well done boys! Now you can try all sorts of stunts without having to be mailed to Dr Pat.
And who needs sofa cushions?

SimplySasha said...

Love this post! I also love naughty boys...but that is another story :)

Dee said...

This made me smile, Love the idea of them rollerblading round the house with sofa cushions tied around them !

Anthony, although obviously the voice of reason , does not quite compute reason does not always come into it when you want to have some fun!

DollMum said...

Clever, naughty boys! Looks like they're having great fun with those roller blades.