Saturday, February 17, 2018


Daddy Steve: We've just experienced a small crisis here in Gregoropolis.  Charles's pet frog, Hopalong, escaped from his frogararium!  Someone left the cover open and out he hopped!  Naturally, Charles was distraught...

Charles: >sniff, sniff<   He's gone forever!  >sob!<
Kaveh: Don't worry, we'll find him.
Sasha: He couldn't have gone far.

We searched the entire house.  We searched high...

Robin: He's not up here, but there is a lot of dust!
Daddy John: >Ahem<  Yes, thank you, Robin.

We searched low...

Blake: Do you see anything?
Bowie: No, just some old phone books.

We searched some rather unlikely places...

Frank: Nothing but crumbs.

Until Patrick and Ravi provided some excellent advice.

Patrick: We need to start thinking like a frog.
Ravi: Yes!  Where would a frog go?

Indeed, where in the house would an amphibian go?  One room comes to mind...

...And that's exactly where we found him.  Of course, since we're an all-guy household, we left the lid up.  

Luckily for us, Anthony sprung into action...

...And saved the day.

Anthony: Gotcha!

Hopalong is now safely back in his home where he will no doubt reminisce about his big adventure for a long time to come.

Charles: You gave me quite a scare!


Dee said...

What great brothers to help Charlie find his missing frog! And such interesting places they chose yo look too!

So glad someone found him before he took that giant leap to freedom! ;)

SimplySasha said...

What a fab post! Your best made me laugh about the toilet seat being left up...a real pet peeve for most women!!

NeverUschi said...

This story really made my day!
But if he really had hidden in the toaster, and someone pushed the lever - no, don't even want to think about it.
It must be a frog thing to want to escape from that adorable frogarium.

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

lol, I think that final leap into the toilet might have been a bit too big for such a little frog! So glad they found him! My kids critter collection now includes some colorful lizards as well. It's always something with these kids!

Kendal said...

Most amusing post here! Couldn't help but laugh at the mention of it's ok for the toilet seat to be left up in your all male household.

The lads certainly went 'to town' in search of the missing Hopalong. Your house reminds me of mine with the dust above head heights and crumbs around the toaster etc. but hey, that's called 'living' isn't it!
The search might well have taken so much longer if it hadn't been for those two very intelligent thinking boys.