Friday, December 14, 2018

'Tis The Season

Daddy Steve: Here in Gregoropolis, all of the kids are getting into the Christmas spirit.  Indeed, it's hard not to when you hear your favorite holiday music. 

Anthony's listening to a live radio broadcast of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite as he writes out his Christmas cards.

Anthony: My favorite is the "Waltz of the Flowers."

Tyler and Mikko are grooving to the sounds of the Beach Boys singing "Little Saint Nick."

Mikko & Tyler: A run-run reindeer!  A run-run reindeer!

There's lots more to be done, of course.  In the kitchen, Wyatt, Meghan, and Frank are busy baking Christmas cookies.  Well, at least Wyatt and Meghan are baking...

Frank: Mmmmmm...yummy!  Nothing better than cookies right out of the oven!
Meghan: Uh, Frank, how many have you eaten?

Meanwhile, Christmas decorations are going up all over the house.  In the front hall, we have an old clock which the kids think looks like a miniature town hall.  They like to decorate it to look like an old time village square.

Daphne: The carolers will go in front, and the Santa orchestra goes on the roof.

Emile: Well.  I 'ave nevair seen ze village square wiz ze giant Foo Dogs before!

One of our newest decorations is this beautifully detailed log cabin.  It was one of the table centerpieces at this year's Sasha Festival, and we were very lucky to win it at the end of the festival.

Holly Belle: Look, Rolf.  Every time we put this up, we can remember how much fun we had at our first Sasha Festival!
Rolf: Ja, what fun we had.

As you may (or may not) know, I'm quite fond of old metal toys of all types.  A number of years ago I found this 1950s era metal split-level dollhouse.  The kids do love to decorate it for Christmas.

Blake: Each window gets a wreath.
Giancarlo: It looks very festive.
Duncan: >sigh<  I'll never get these lights untangled!

There's something very reassuring about unpacking cherished decorations and putting them in exactly the same places every year.

Daphne: The tree should come my way a little more.
Valerie: Actually, it should come my way a little more.
Gavin: >groan<   Grumble, grumble, mutter, mutter

Happy Holidays from our home to yours!


Dee said...

What a lovely festive post! So nice seeing everyone getting into the Christmas spirit or cookies in Franks case!

I love your old clock and how you decorate it for Christmas.

And what great tin house, looks good as new and now so festive with all it's Christmas cheer!

You are way ahead of us in the village, here they are still arguing over just where to put the Christmas tree and whose turn it is to decorate it!

I'm going to send them to see your post and maybe they'll stop arguing and start decorating.... maybe....

Kendal said...

SO love this time of the year getting the decorations back out again and decorating the house in readiness for THE big day.
Like your dolls I too enjoy setting things up in the same places each year.
BTW. Your decorations look lovely.