Friday, April 12, 2019

Sympathy Pains

Daddy John: Looks to be a quiet week in Gregoropolis.  I am off to National Harbor, Maryland for a work conference while Daddy Steve is recovering from a wisdom tooth extraction.  I hope Daddy Steve and right-hand-man Anthony can keep the usual suspects in line while I'm away.

Speaking of which, we came across a moaning Wyatt...

Wyatt: tooth hurts.  I need to eat soft foods, too.  May I have some pudding?


Kendal said...

Wow! Never heard of this excuse for only eating soft foods before! Clever lad!
Get better soon Daddy Steve!

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

I am Not convinced that the toothache is real...sounds like a ploy to get a dish of pudding! (Not you, of
Course daddy Steve, but Wyatt!!)

Dee said...

Have a great trip Daddy John. Poor Daddy Steve left home alone..ish with the toothache!
Wyatt could truly be in pain... sympathy's not always about pudding.......okay it is.. :)