Saturday, May 8, 2021

No Pants Day

 Friday was No Pants Day (Really, this is a thing.  Read about it here: Wikipedia: No Pants Day) and the boys gleefully participated.

Well, there was perhaps a bit less glee...

Stephen Orange: >sigh<  The things I do for this family.

Nicholas Sahara: Blimey, America is so dashed cheeky!
Scot-Michael: We are unfettered!  Liberated, even!

Not all Gregoropolis residents were impressed.

Holly Belle: >Ew!<  Boys!
Rhoda: >Ha-ha!<  Wicked! I'm in for next year!


Dee said...

LOL those boys ! But still so well dressed even in their underpants!

RoRoPo said...

Whew matching underpants! Gorgeous!

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

they even color coordinated their underpants to their T-'s no end to their sophistication! lol!! My Charlie likes to run around in his "tight-whity's" which makes the girls giggle a lot!

NeverUschi said...

Who needs pants when he has such charming underwear?