Saturday, May 1, 2021

Teddy Bear Tea Party, Part 2

 Preparations for the tea party are in full swing!

Holly Belle: So, Uli, we've been informed that some of these guests have very hearty appetites.
We need to make sure there's enough food.

Uli: >Ahem<  I can assure you that when I cook, no one ever leaves the table hungry.

Uli: My two assistants vill be helping me.
Meghan: Er, great.  We'll leave you to it, then.
Uli: Danke.

Uli: Luke und Alice, let us hop to it.  Do not just stand there until the birds roost on you.  
Luke: Yes, ma'am!
Alice: Oh my, this is so exciting!

Pamela: You came to the right person.  No one makes a better cup of tea than I do.
Even the vicar says so.
Holly Belle: We knew we could count on you!

Holly Belle: All right you two, we need to put those tables together.
Ezra: Why are we always moving furniture around here?

Holly Belle: >Sigh<  No, not that way!
Wesley: Good grief...

Holly Belle: Ah yes, much better.
Meghan: Now to get the dishes.

Meghan: This party is going to take every bit of crockery we have!
Holly Belle: Hmmm...and it won't all match.

Daphne: Oh sweetie, you don't want it to match.  
Nothing shrieks 'new money' like having everything match.
Holly Belle: Goodness!  We never even thought of that.
Meghan: Yes, thank you for telling us.
Daphne: That's what I'm here for.


RoRoPo said...

Those preparations look promising! We are looking forward to this party - it will be a great success!
Hope they don't forget something for the bird of prey to perch on.

Dee said...

This tea party is starting to come together. Ulli will make sure noone goes hungry on her watch! With the help of her able assistants.
Loving those two matching tables..very envious..even with the boys spinning them round!
And so glad Daphne was on hand to explain that matching crockery/china is so out of style! If you've go a dozen patterns use them all the bigger the mix the better!

NeverUschi said...

Your kids are a dream team! And very good advice from Daphne, too.

Linda said...

Daphne is a woman of the world, she knows her trends! :) Can't wait to read the next part!