Saturday, June 19, 2021

Gardener's Wisdom

Harriet: What happened to the hostas?!
Giancarlo: They got burned in the heatwave we had.
Wyatt: But we watered everything!
Giancarlo: I think it was just too hot, too early.

Harriet: That's a shame.  I was hoping they'd be really pretty this year.
Giancarlo Al gardeners live in hope that this season will be the one when everything is perfect and beautiful.  The reality is that something always happens - it's either too wet or too dry, too hot or too cold.  There's a late frost or a hail storm; to say nothing of insects, rabbits, and those evil, evil squirrels.

Giancarlo: Instead of waiting for that perfect moment,
we need to embrace all of the imperfect moments.

Wyatt: You mean like this?
Giancarlo: Precisamente, i miei amici!

Harriet: You know, you're quite the philosopher.
Giancarlo: Well, after all, I am Italian...


Dee said...

Ciancarlo is so wise for one so young! Yes gardens are a constant battle with the elements, if you are lucky you will have one day sometime in the year where you will stand and look and believe it looks perfect and then the next day it will no longer be so, something will spring into sight to spoil the look!
Those blue garden chairs look like the ideal place to sit and dream of perfect garden days.

NeverUschi said...

These garden chairs are adorable! And so smartly placed in front of the hedge it looks perfectly in scale.
We never had difficulties with squirrels yet, but we had our share of snails, caterpillars, heavy rain, dryness, heat, wind... in a garden, it never gets boring.