Saturday, July 10, 2021


Daddy Steve: Sasha and Teddy are enjoying some tea and friendly conversation.  These two need no introductions; they've known each other for ages.  Sasha, of course, is my childhood Gregor doll -- the charter member of the Gregoropolis gang.  Teddy, however, is even older.  He belonged to my mom when she was a little girl.  Later on he was passed to me.

Sasha: Shall I be mother?
Teddy: Yes, please.  Do you have any honey?

My mom with Teddy, around 1949.  I believe the overalls that he's wearing were original to him.

Me with Teddy in 1966.  By this time he had acquired the Phillips 66 outfit, made by my grandmother.

When I was little, I decided that Teddy should have a sweater.  Even bears can get chilly!  So, my grandmother crocheted this green one.

Teddy: I think I look very stylish.

Considering that he's over seventy years old, he's in pretty good shape.  His fur is a little worn down in some places, and he's had a number of red felt tongues replaced.

As a child, I always called him Corduroy after the popular children's' book published in the late 1960s.  It recently occurred to me that my mom obviously had a different name for him, but I have no idea what it was.  If you try to ask Teddy, he just changes the subject.

Teddy bears can be secretive, and I suppose he must feel that it was a very personal detail between him and a little girl a long, long time ago.  So for now, we just call him Teddy.

Teddy: I've got all of my buttons!
Sasha: Indeed you do, my friend.


Dee said...

Well Teddy cannot tell you the special name that he was called by your mum, only she would have been allowed to pass that detail on, if she din't then Teddy will never tell just hold the memory close to his teddy heart,

Teddy looks to have been a fashionista in his day , with his clothing. It must be lovely for Sasha to have such a lovely old friend to reminisce with

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

how wonderful for Gregor to have his old, old friend come live with you! Quite possibly my favorite TED(D) talk ever!