Saturday, January 22, 2022

No Blue Ribbon for Hair Ribbons

 Daddy Steve: Lara is a 1968 girl with the wispy bangs characteristic of that year.  When she came to live here, her front hair was pulled back in a little ponytail.  It's my favorite Sasha hairstyle.

The trouble was that it was held back with a hot pink scrunchie - not an easy color to work with when coordinating an outfit!  For nearly two years I procrastinated about replacing it with a ribbon.  

The fact is that Daddy Steve is a bit intimidated by girl hair.  Whenever I fiddle with it, it never seems to go very well.  And attempting to tie a hair ribbon is always a disaster!  I've said before that my ribbons always end up looking like they were done by a drunken ape.

Lara's arrival at Gregoropolis; being welcomed by the always friendly Sasha.

Doctor Pat's ribbons are perfect in every way...

The late Susannah Lewis also tied lovely ribbons...

But my, not so great.  In all fairness, I have slightly beat-up middle-aged guy hands that don't always do what I want them to.

This week I had a day off, so I thought I'd give it a shot ("So what did you do on your day off, Steve?"  "Oh, I spent the whole afternoon fussing around with my dolly's hair ribbon.").

Honestly, it's harder than you might think.  While you're fumbling with the ribbon, some stray hairs always want to slip out.  I can see why Trendon eventually went to simpler hairstyles for the girls.  I'm sure those early styles didn't survive kid play for very long.  After many tries, we came up with something satisfactory.

Naturally, Jennifer wanted me to give her hair ribbon another go.

Jennifer: Now re-tie mine, please.

Overall, an improvement.  Although, the girls did have this to say...

Lara and Jennifer: Don't quit your day job, Daddy Steve!


Anonymous said...

Tying hair ribbons can be fiddly. They never lay smoothly because of the bulkiness of the first knot needed to keep the ribbon tied tightly before the bow is made. I think you did a good job.
I didn't know Susannah Lewis passed away. I bought my first, and so far, only Sasha doll from her.

Teresa F.

Dee said...

Well done for trying until you got it right . We can all have trouble tying ribbon bows on the dolls, especially when the hair starts moving as you try to tie that first part !

Lara and Jennifer look lovely but you know now they will expect you to change and tie their ribbons all the time !

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

well, girls, I think daddy Steve has got the hang of it!! His whole day off was not wasted, then, was it?!

Linda (Small-Scale Muses) said...

You did a wonderful job, practice makes perfect! And how lovely the girls look, very pretty!