Saturday, February 18, 2023

Noah Conrad vs. The Laundry


Nicholas SaharaOh, my sainted aunt! That boy is impossible!

Scot-Michael: Which one, and why?

Nicholas: Noah Conrad!  I simply asked him for his dungarees--
Scot-Michael: 'Overalls.'
Nicholas: --for the laundry and he threw such a wobble.
Scot Michael: What'd he say?

Nicholas: Oh, a lot of twaddle about 'preserving the denim color' and 'sturdiness of the fabric.' 
He didn't want them to lose their form and fit.

Noah Conrad: A true workman never washes his uniform in order to underline 
the seriousness of, and devotion to, his craft.  Every stain and splatter badges of honor.

Scot-Michael: Well, he does take his woodworking seriously.
Nicholas: Load of old tosh, if you ask me.
Scot-Michael: How'd you finally get him to give them up?
Nicholas: I said if he wanted to earn the badge for Household Pong, fine but 
not to come running to me to draw him a bath.
Scot-Michael: Nice.
Nicholas: I promised to bring them back straight away once they were out of the dryer
and laid out a pair of dear Benjamin's overalls that he could wear in the interim.

Noah: Argh. I look like a banker.


Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

lol, Noah has an ...ermmm... "unusual" idea of what bankers wear, I must say! He looks cute, but doubt that is important to him. For the sake of not ruining these nice overalls, he should probably change back ASAP.

Dee said...

Lol this made me laugh, just love Nicholas's words.

Having worked in a bank for most of my working life, I have to say that I have never seen a Banker wearing such splendid attire! lol and thank goodness as I would have been roaring with laughter and probably been sent home!

I just hope Nicholas can manage to maintain the quality and character of Noah's overalls and just remove the pong!