Saturday, July 22, 2023

Festival Preparations, Final

After consulting with Nanny Wendy on babysitting Curly (Patience! Attitude! ESP! Agility!),    Nicholas Sahara and Scot-Michael are ready for their Festival debut.  

Pete Dakota:  Packing all your clothes?
Scot-Michael: Just folding the essentials right now.

Pete: Um, you sure have a lot of socks.  
Scot-Michael: Oh, that's Nicholas.  He's got a whole thing about having plenty--
there's some sort of superstition back in his home country about travel and socks.

Pete: Here, I brought my comics so you have something to read on the flight.
Scot-Michael: Thanks, Pete!  That's awfully swell of you!
Pete: Just remember to bring them back.
Scot-Michael: Ha-ha!  Will do, boss.

Other siblings have been just as helpful...

Uli: Here is lunchbox of snacks for plane ride.
Nicholas Sahara: Aren't you the thoughtful bird!
But surely the airplane will have --
Uli: Nein!  Airline food no good.  My homemade snacks much better.

While others have been of, er, less than beneficial assistance...

Frank: I know!  Why don't we get some donuts, you toss them at me, 
and we'll see how many I can catch in my mouth?
Nicholas: Er, Franklin, how is that to aide us with our agility exercise?
Frank: Your what now?


Scot-Michael: >Whew< I'm exhausted.  I found my camera, too!
We'll want to document the whole trip; good and bad.
Nicholas: And we've still to get Curly's gift.

Denali: >Whine<
Nicholas: Sorry, old girl, we can't take you with us.
Scot-Michael: Besides, you've got to watch over Pete while we're gone!
Denali: Boof!

And back in England...

Auntie Diane: Curly!  You sit up nicely now.
Curly: Thbbbbbbpppppptttttt  😝

Auntie Diane: Your American cousins Nicholas and Scot-Michael will be 
looking after you at the Festival.  You WILL be on your best behaviour--
Curly: Nah! 😈
Auntie Diane: --or they won't bring you a present!
Curly: Wsky?!  😇



RoRoPo said...

Poor Denali, she can't come with you! But the siblings are so helpful! What nice children you have!
So well prepared, the plane flight will be nothing but fun!
Here we are all curious and look forward to all your festival adventures. That camera looks fine, the photos will be fine, also!
Have a great time!!!

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

goodness, those poor did they get wrangled into watching Curly?! I think Frank's heart was in the right place, but his brain is never far from food! Throwing donuts...crazy boy!

Dee said...

How lovely that the others helped them even though they will be missing out. Frank is always helpful....ha ha

I don't know how Diane managed to convince you to let the boys babysit Curly but it will make for an interesting event.

Looking forward to all those photos and gossip from the festival, have a great time

Curly’s mum said...

Oh dear, I do hope Curly behaves reasonably being with such well brought up lads. Helen is trying to explain it all to him but he just looks at her blankly and blows raspberries at her. He’s a nice child really ……..