Saturday, April 20, 2024

Squirrel Surrender

 Daddy Steve: Regular readers may remember the problems we have had in past years with squirrels eating the flowers on our Magnolia tree.  The moment they began to open up, the blossoms were savagely attacked by these marauding, bush-tailed rodents.  We tried everything to thwart them--netting, sprays, etc.--all to no avail.

Emile: Quelle tragique!
Louisette: Oui, mon petit lemon.

This year, for reasons as yet unexplained, it has not happened.  So far, knock on wood, the tree has remained completely undisturbed...

Naturally, we're delighted by this turn of events; particularly Giancarlo.

Giancarlo: It's a miracle!
Marta: But these are modern times; there are no more miracles.
Giancarlo: I guess it ain't modern times in Gregoropolis!

However, it has led to a lot of very intense speculation among the kids as to what could have caused this change.

Holly Belle: I think the previous vandalism was all the work of one demented squirrel.
Meghan: Yeah, and he just didn't survive past the winter.
Holly Belle: Life is good when you can outlast your enemies.

Luke: Or maybe he got stuck in squirrel prison.
Oliver: There's such a thing as squirrel prison?
Luke: Oh, sure.  Where do you think all the criminal squirrels go?
Oliver: I always thought they got banished to a squirrel Phantom Zone.
Luke: That would only be for extreme cases; not like just stealing someone's nuts.

Holly Belle: Oh good grief, this conversation is becoming ridiculous!
Nathan: I'm afraid that for once I have to agree with Holly Belle.
It's completely absurd.
Holly Belle: See, even Nathan can see that I'm right.

Holly Belle: Wait, what you mean 'for once' you have to agree with me?!?
Nathan: What do you mean by 'even Nathan can see I'm right'?


Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

that's odd that the tree isn't being attacked this year. Maybe there's another food source this year that they prefer? I am dying over the harmony and peace that was disturbed by a couple of simple comments between Nathan and HB. Can't wait to hear the outcome of that!

Dee said...

Could that it was just one squirrel that liked the taste of Magnolia flowers! Maybe he's gone to the big squirrel nut run in the sky due to old age or from eating too many magnolia flowers... whichever it is enjoy those blooms and hope he didn't have a grandson...

Oops Holly Belle and Nathan arguing.. trouble in paradise...