Saturday, April 6, 2024

The Wild Ones

 Daddy John: Despite Gregoropolis having only one motorcycle (and one helmet), some of the boys decided we need a biker gang.

Because as bikers you of course need tough-sounding nicknames, the 'gang' came up with new monikers...

BR is the only one who actually knows how to ride a motorcycle.
So, he is the leader and is "Boss."

Philip Guy is "The Knight," Pete Dakota is "Badlands," and 
Scot-Michael is "Shadow."

Then there is Nicholas Sahara, who does not 100% grasp the concept...

Nicholas: Ooh, this is smashing! I'm "Koala!"
Where are we riding our ten-speeds to, lads?

The Gregoropolis M.C.


Dee said...

Loving the boys Bike gang look. And their biker gang names, although Nicholas may need some help with his ;)

What a great motorbike! I can see plenty of adventures in the coming months! Plus all that time tinkering with the bike , it should be a quiet time for Daddy John lol

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

oh, boy, those kids are looks like bad boys. I am definitely going to have to keep the girls away from this site for awhile!