Saturday, May 25, 2024

Hide the Donut


Sally: Ready for our shopping trip?  I feel the need for some 'retail therapy.'
Farrah: We're just waiting for Wendy.  She said she would be here in a tick.

Nanny Wendy: Okay, I'm ready to go.  
Uli is going to take care of baby Conner for me.
Farrah: And who got stuck watching the two little monsters?

Nanny Wendy: Now, now...Mikey and Albert are under the care of Frank and Natalie.
Sally: Frank and Natalie?!?  How are those two qualified to watch after toddlers?
Nanny Wendy: They're qualified because they volunteered.
Farrah: Volunteered?!?
Nanny Wendy: Well, a small bribe may have been involved.
Now, come on, let's leave while peace and quiet prevail.

Frank: Okay you two rugrats, we're gonna play a really fun game.
Isn't that right, Natalie?
Natalie: The absolute funnest!  It's called 'Hide the Donut.'

Frank: You guys are going to run all around the house for five, ten minutes...
Natalie: A really long time.
Frank: Yeah, a really long time, and while you're running, we'll hide the donuts.
Then, when you're done, you'll look for the donuts, and eat all the ones you find.
Doesn't that sound like fun?
Mikey and Albert: EEEEYYYYAAAA!!!!

Natalie: Okay, you get the milk.

Carolyn: Hmm, you two think you're pretty clever.
I believe those donuts were meant to be shared.
Frank: Well, the trouble with sharing is that when taken to an extreme,
nobody ends up with anything.
Natalie: Yes, this is a much better arrangement.
They're happy, we're happy.  It's a win-win.

Carolyn: And what happens when they realize the donuts are all gone?
Frank: Donuts?  What donuts?
Natalie: That's the great thing about toddlers.
They have extremely short attention spans.

1 comment:

Dee said...

Oh dear ! This will all end in tears! and probably Frank's ! One thing a toddler never forgets is food and especially sweet tasty food!
Even if they forget today, at some stage they will remember that Frank and Natalie did the dirty on them...

Plus I'm not so sure the two Dad's are going to be impressed with Frank and Natalie's game plan.....