Saturday, August 12, 2017

Mystery Boy

Recently, a mysterious stranger knocked at our front door.

Mystery Boy:  I wonder if anyone is at home.

Frank: Oh, hello little boy.
Mystery Boy: Hello Sir; my name is Luke.  Me and my dog were wondering if we could have a drink of water and rest here for a minute.
Frank:  What's your dog's name?
Luke: Krakatoa.
Krakatoa:  Yip! Yip!
Frank:  Wait here, please.

Frank:  Hey Robin, there's some little hippy boy at the front door.
Robin:  Did you tell him that we've already made a donation to Clean Water Action?
Frank:  He's not with them.  He and his dog Krakatoa just want to rest here a while.
Bowie:  'Krakatoa?'  Isn't that the name of a volcano?
Robin:  Very curious.  Let's invite him in.

Luke:  Thank you for your hospitality.  We really appreciate it.
Krakatoa:  Yip-yip.
Robin:  So tell us, Luke, have you been on your own for some time?
Luke:  Oh yeah, quite a while; ever since we escaped.
Frank: Escaped?!?  From where?
Luke:  The old Reddish Mill.
Robin:  You mean the Trendon factory?
Luke:  Aye.
Bowie:  Did anyone know you left?

Luke:  Boy, did they ever!  I was chased for blocks and blocks by a lady named Doreen.  She came after me with a tiny paintbrush, yelling "Stop young man!  We must paint over those eyelashes!"

Bowie:  Hey,  you do have eyelashes!  Robin and I have eyelashes, too.

Luke:  You won't for long if Doreen catches you.
Robin:  Well, I'm supposed to have eyelashes.  I'm a prince.
Bowie:  Yeah, and I'm a...a musician.
Luke:  Ah, yeah, of course.  Aren't you one of the Bay City Rollers?
Bowie:  Huh?  Who?  No.

Benjamin Roy:  Say, Luke, why don't you go upstairs and, um, freshen up.  Change into some new clothes.  It, ah, smell--I mean, looks, like you've been wearing that outfit for a while.
Luke: Great idea!  Thank you!

Benjamin Roy:  I think we should ask him to stay here.  Daddy Steve won't mind; he always says the more the merrier.  And Daddy John does whatever Daddy Steve says...
Robin:  I think he's a bit odd.  And 'Krakatoa' is a funny name for a dog.
Frank:  Maybe his dog erupts.
Bowie:  He's not odd; just sort of bohemian.

Emile: Bohemian, oui!  Perhaps he ees an artiste like Rodolfo in 'La Bohemme.'  Oh mais oui he must absolutely live 'ere wiz us.  There; it ees settled.

When Luke returned, the boys told him the news.

Luke:  Live you with you guys?  That would be wonderful!  You hear that Krakatoa?  We have a new home!
Krakatoa:  Yip! Yip!


Serenata said...

There is always room for another lad! So glad Luke has found a new home and new friends...I am sure they will all have fun together.

DollMum said...

I'm hoping the yip yip is the only erupting which Luke's dog does! Volcanoes are scary. How lucky to find a blond boy with eyelashes, I love it when there are factory 'rogues' - they always have their own special personality.

Jane said...

Awwww... how sweet your boys are! So kind and welcoming to a new boy and his little dog. I hope Doreen has given up the chase!! :) Jane x

Dee said...

How we love a new arrival ! What a sweet boy has arrived to live with you and he even as his own dog, whose name I love and cannot wait to see just why he acquired that name! :)

Congrats on getting a 'rogue' with lashes, poor Doreen I hope she's given up chasing after those boys and is now retired and just wondering where they managed to vanish to!
I am so totally unobservant that any boy with lashes would probably have been living here for a few years before I even noticed ! If I ever did!

jenann said...

Another lad with lucious lashes? We have just the one here bu they are special. Luke seems to be happy to be out of the dreadfuxxxxx I mean unusual original Red Mill clothing. My lads have always ditched their orphanage outfits and strange sandals as soon as they could.
Love the name Krakatoa but hope he doesn't suddenly errupt into unacceptable canine behaviour......

Gregor Daddies said...

Hi Jenann -

Yes, some of those Trendon boys outfits were a bit 'different'. The only one that I really love is the shorts outfit. As a child I actually remember looking at the Gregors on display in a store and wondering why you would wear both sandals and a heavy sweater together - it just didn't make sense to my child mind. I think I eventually concluded that English kids must have unusually warm feet!


Gregor Daddies said...

Hi Dee -

Poor Doreen indeed. She deserved a medal herding all of those newly minted Sasha kids. There had to have been some trouble makers!


SimplySasha said...

I am glad he is staying as he is very handsome...although not as handsome (according to Rebel!) as young Mr Bowie xx

Kendal said...

An absolutely fantastic story whilst combining such interesting facts about the Frido/Trendon Factory (which was/is only three quarters of a drive from where I live) and some of their doll's finer details.

Personally I could never really understand why they over-painted the Gregor's eyelashes as they are so important in keeping the dust and pollen out of the eyes. The only reason that I can think of was that they hoped that it made the boy dolls look more boyish.

I too like the Shorts boys school outfit with the lace-up look shoes (plus the dark navy jumper and denims) the very best, plus the pyjamas as I guess are considered necessities, but have always disliked the sandals.
Their football gear was OK for that era

Gregor Daddies said...

Hi Kendal -

I think it would have been fascinating to visit the Trendon factory when it was in operation, although I tend to imagine it as something like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. I'm sure the reality was far more prosaic. My Sasha came in the pajamas outfit, and I've often felt it was part of the reason why he survived my childhood in such excellent condition. As a child I often imagined him to be this somewhat sickly boy who needed to be treated carefully. Of course, it turns out he was as healthy as a horse!