Saturday, August 19, 2017

Vanilla or Strawberry?

Daddy Steve:  Vanilla or strawberry?  Why choose one when you can have both.  We have several hydrangea bushes in the yard but our favorite is this one, known as a Vanilla Strawberry.  

It's aptly named because the blossoms start out a creamy white and then slowly turn pink.  It also has a subtle but lovely scent--very fresh and clean--that Sasha is enjoying here.

It rained off and on all day today, but finally cleared off in the evening.  The butterflies and bees also like the hydrangea, so we must be a little careful when sticking our noses in the blossoms.

A monarch butterfly sipping for nectar

Sasha:  Hmmm, so pretty.

Sasha:  One scoop of each, please.


Henry Holiday said...

They are a pretty hydrangea. Lovely to see the Monarch butterfly. We don't get them here, but I have seen them in NZ.

Jane said...

I love hydrangeas. Vanilla Strawberry? No wonder the butterflies and bees love it so! I have 2 very young ones, so young they are only about 4" tall :) However, they do grow very quickly. The weather is turning nippy now ( not that it has gotten, or stayed, particularly warm this summer ) so they may need protection from frost in a couple of months. As mine are the common mophead type, they will be pink or blue depending on the soil Ph :) x

Dee said...

What a gorgeous hydrangea! I love Hydrangea bushes and that one is perfect with the white slowly turning pink. Great name for it too!
I agree with Sasha that it does look like a delicious ice cream and I have to say he looks extremely handsome in the last photo surrounded by all those blooms.
this time of year is so lovely when we get to see all the plants and shrubs flowering. :) Dee

Kendal said...

My garden's not really big enough to cope with these larger Hydrangea bushes so only have them whilst they are still small and therefore miss these lovely larger flowers.
Can I be a bit greedy and order a tub with four scopes, two Strawberry and two Vanilla flavoured?