Friday, August 25, 2017

Pool Day

Daddy John:  Oh.  Hi guys...what's up?

Pete Dakota: Can we get out the wading pool?  It's really nice out today!
Stephen Orange: And, um, could you blow it up, too?
Benjamin Roy: Please-please-please-please-please-pleeeeeeeease?

How could I say no to those faces?

Pete was the first to test the water.

Stephen Orange: How's the water, Peter?
Pete Dakota:  It's perfect!  Not too cold, not too warm.

Soon they've all climbed in and are discussing important matters of state.  

It's a beautiful day, and wading in the pool leads to some lazing in the sun.

Benjamin Roy:  Does everybody have their sunblock on?


Dee said...

What a lovely time the lads had paddling and discussing matters of State !
I'm sure their ideas were sound too!

Then lazing in the sun, what a perfect days for the lads..oh to be young with no work to do :)

Dee said...

oops forgot to say, great sized pool and love their swimming trunks and towels :)

Jane said...

What a super day paddling and sunbathing! I'm sure your boys 'put the world to rights' :) x

Anonymous said...

The pool is a great find! The boys look so relaxed, sunbathing and resting :-).

SimplySasha said...

Love the paddling pool...still think you should have kitted out your team of boys and got them all out there for a paddle!

Serenata said...

Looks like they had the perfect day for paddling in the pool, which is marvellous by the way. I love their colourful swimming shorts and towels as well.

Kendal said...

It's so hard not to believe that they aren't real children looking at these photos. I remember what fun it was when our childhood paddling pool was filled up via the hosepipe with freezing cold water... but I guess that we were having such a whale of a time that we just forgot about the cold... but always came in shivering.
Thanks for the memories!

DollMum said...

What fun they are having - I can totally understand why you had to give in to those pleading three pairs of eyes which asked you to set up their paddling pool.