Friday, December 22, 2017

A Change -- But Not Too Much

Daddy Steve: My two German boys, Rolf and Paul, loudly announced they were cold.

Rolf: Daddy Steve, you must buy more coal!
Paul: Ja, I haff got goosebumps on my legs!
Daddy Steve:  We don't heat the house with coal, and I think the problem is that you boys are still wearing your shorts.  Why don't we get you two changed into some warmer clothes?
Rolf: Hmmm.  Well, maybe.

Paul: Will we still match?
Daddy Steve: Very nearly.  I've got the overalls and shirt that Rolf wore last winter, and I've also bought a new shirt and overalls.  Aren't they nice?
Rolf: Hmmm.  Well, maybe.

Daddy Steve: Rolf, as senior Götz boy, you get to have the new outfit.
Rolf: Oh, no, Daddy!  Das ist mein outfit!
Daddy Steve: Oh, yes, sorry Rolf.  Daddy is old and sometimes gets strange ideas.

Daddy Steve: How's that, boys?  Better?
Paul: Much better!  I'm warm now.
Rolf Ja, Daddy Steve.  Change is gut!


Serenata said...

Much better than shorts at this time of year boys. You will be much warmer now.

Dee said...

What sweet boys! Not mentioning their frosty knees but waiting for dad to notice! Great pair of outfits, the same but different just like they are!

Now they are nice and toasty and ready to enjoy the coming Christmas festivities. :)