Saturday, December 16, 2017

Decking The Halls

Daddy John: Time to decorate Gregoropolis for the holidays, and two volunteers nominated themselves as my helper elves.  Benjamin Roy and Pete decided they would decorate the tree....well, the branches they could reach anyway.

BR: A Santa ornament should always go on first!

Pete: What's this one, Daddy John?

Daddy John: My mother got that for me when I was about your age.  If you look carefully at the brim of the boy's hat, you can see my name etched on it.

Pete: Be careful with this one, BR!  It's one of Daddy Steve's favorites.

BRGood grief!  What is this?!
Daddy John: Ha-ha!  Daddy Steve bought me that one a few years ago.  He thought it was funny and he remembered I like Bigfoot!

Pete: Well, better not tell Sasha about it!  He'll never come anywhere near the tree!


Serenata said...

What great helpers you have! Hmmm..I wonder if I could get some to get my house ready for Christmas?? Love the special ornaments, treasured memories.

Dee said...

What good boys to help with the decorating of the tree. It's lovely have pieces to bring back memories of Christmases gone by.
I like to buy at least one new decoration for the tree each year.

SimplySasha said...

How cool is Bigfoot?! Love it!